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Health Connect support for Fitbit’s Android app is now live

From this morning, Fitbit actively supports Health Connect. Google has added the missing component for the functionality to kick in.

For those not in the know, this is the software that syncs data between Android apps that you can use to track your steps, distance sleep and other vitals metrics. This includes Google Fit, Samsung Health and many other apps. We can now add Fitbit to this list.

This was to be expected considering that Google Pixel Watch uses the Fitbit fitness app. It is another indicator of Google’s effort to integrate Fitbit software more tightly into its ecosystem.

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Once your data is synced to Health Connect, any fitness app that is linked to the app can use it. It allows for a more complete picture of your health as apps can “borrow” data from other apps. This helps to keep all your fitness data nice and tidy.

Of course, you have control over permissions, and which data can be shared. You can also disable and delete data at any time.

“Fitbit can write data like your workouts, sleep, and heart rate to Health Connect. You can choose which data you want Fitbit to write to your device.”

“Data in Health Connect is stored on your device, and other apps you’ve set up with Health Connect will be able to access this data. How these apps use the data will vary depending on the app, but each app should explain how they use your data.”

The functionality actually started rolling out last week, but it only today that the server-side component needed for the sync to actually occur was activated. So if you have Fitbit version 3.69 or above installed on your Android phone via the Play Store , Health Connect should support it.

You may get a prompt to enable Health Connect. If not, go into the settings and toggle “Sync with Health Connect” to “on”. This should make the link live. Then head over to Health Connect and tap on the Quick Settings tile. The Fitbit app should be listed there.

Fitbit Health Connect

If it says “Not allowed access” next to the Fitbit app, change that to “Allow all”. The other option is to pick and choose from the available data: Distance, Elevation gained, Exercise, Floors climbed, Heart rate, Sleep, Steps, and Total calories burned.

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