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Smart scales that work with Samsung Health

Samsung does not make a smart scale of its own. Not ideal. So what are your best options if you want to connect such a device to Samsung Health? In this article we outline our top picks.

Why purchase a smart scale?

Once you’ve tried out a smart scale it is unlikely you will ever go back to the traditional thing. These types of products are much more convenient in that you have an automatic log of all your weigh-ins. That will allow you to spot trends and stay on top of your health. Plus there’s the option of setting up multiple user profiles so the whole family can use the device sitting on the bathroom floor.

Some of these bathroom scales provide additional body composition metrics such as body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, body water, protein, subcutaneous fat, metabolic age, lean body mass, basal metabolic rate and more. Something called Bioelectrical impedance analysis is used to arrive at most of these metrics.

Even smart scales of the budget kind these days dish out more than simply just your weight. Mind you, these are just estimates. So trust the weight figure, but treat all these other metrics with a pinch of salt.

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A few scales go even further and can take a reading of your heart rate or ECG each time you step on them. Then there are those with a pregnancy mode and a baby mode. It is worth looking through the technical specs in detail to find the scale that is best suited for your specific situation.

All of this will help you to create an ecosystem where different products speak to each other. This results in a more holistic overview of your health and fitness.

What smart scale works best with Samsung Health?

Most big wearable tech brands have their own smart scales. Garmin, Withings, Fitbit, Polar are amongst these. The notable exceptions are Apple Health and Samsung Health. The good news for Galaxy Watch owners is that Samsung software allows you to connect to third-party solutions in order to sync stats. Needless to say – it is not ideal but until Samsung comes up with a smart scale of its own, this is your only option.

What you want to avoid is having to install too many iOS or Android smartphone apps in order for your smart scale to sync properly. For example, you can get any scale that communicates with Google Fit to play nice with Samsung Health through an app called Health Sync. But that’s not really ideal. What you want is something that speaks directly to Samsung Health without go-between fitness apps.

So what are your options?

If you open up the Samsung Health app you can find a list of scales that sync directly. Here’s a screenshot (at the time of writing this article). If you want to check for yourself for the most current list, just go to Accessories in Samsung Health and scroll down.

Samsung Health Compatible smart scales

Some of these are rather obscure names, or generic Amazon brands as some like to refer to them. But there are a few well known names, as well.

Amongst these we would include the Polar Balance scale. A few years old now, this is a sleek and attractive device that gets the basic job done quickly. It is important to note that this scale works in Bluetooth only, so there’s no Wi-Fi connectivity. The process is seamless, but if you are not a fan of Bluetooth scales, you will need to look elsewhere. And it only produces weight measurements.

We’ve all heard of Xiaomi. And yes, their Mi Smart Scale can be connected to Samsung Health. This is a budget option that sells for less than the mainstream brands. The Bluetooth scale tracks weight, body mass index and more. Whether the device syncs directly to Samsung Health depends on the version that you buy. Some generations of the product need to go through the Google Fit route in order to send over the data. Others sync directly. So check before you buy.

Yunmai is also a great option. We’ve reviewed one of their scales a number of years ago and walked away suitable impressed. As these are mentioned on the above list, they should sync directly to Samsung Health. Yunmai scales generally offer good value for money.

Omron VIVA is also a decent choice (check price on Amazon). It comes from a brand known for quality products – predominantly blood pressure monitors. The scale provides information on body composition including body fat, body weight, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, resting metablism and BMI.

Other options that are not mentioned by the Samsung Health app

Withings smart scales are not on the above list but they do work with Samsung Health. You just need to assign the appropriate permissions to link the Withings and Samsung apps. That’s where your job ends.

Withings smart scale
Image source: Withings

And yes, we know you don’t want to install third-party apps. But Withings scales might be worth the extra hassle. That’s because scales made by the French outfit are considered to be amongst the best out there. They are quality made and contain high-precision sensors. In fact, their Body Scan scale has just received recognition from Time Magazine as one of the top 200 inventions in 2022.

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For a mid-range solution we suggest going for Withings Body+. Or you can opt for Withings Cardio. In addition to weight and body composition, that one also does a mini heart assesment each time you step on it. Not all the data will make it over to Samsung Health, but the important info to do with weight will.

Another option that is popular is Renpho. For their scales you’ll need to install the Renhpho app which then syncs directly to Samsung Health without the need for an additional service such as Fitness Sync. So once the two apps are linked, the workflow is automatic.

Hopefully this article has helped you make a choice. Remember, do your research before opting for a purchase. Find the solution that works best for you.

Have we missed any great options? Let us know in the comments below.

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