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Amazfit’s first app challenge with Adidas gets you a 10% off coupon

Huami owned Amazfit has launched its first joint campaign with Adidas. Successfully completing the Workout to Win fitness challenge will get you a 10% coupon to use towards further Amazfit purchases.

The two companies originally announced their linkup in late August. This was at the launch event of the Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4. Adidas is a well known name in the fitness tracking game. The company says, over 170 million people have used their software over the years. It is this expertise and user base that Amazfit is tapping into.

And while the collaboration was announced in August, it is only in October that the functionality to sync activity data between the Zepp Health app and Adidas software arrived. It came with firmware update version 7.1.0 for the Zepp App app.

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Workout to Win challenge gets you a discount for purchases

The Workout to Win challenge arrives to promote this new collaboration. All you need to do is sign up to the challenge via the Adidas Running or Adidas Training app. This will automatically entitle you to a 10% off coupon that will be valid in your region’s Amazfit store. It might offer a nice saving on top of any discounts that will surely land on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What’s more, you can be in with a chance of winning one of the new Amazfit GT4 watches. For that you’ll need to track and share three hours of workout data with either of these two apps and Zepp Health. This period that this is valid for is between November 22nd and December 5th,

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We reviewed the GTR 4 a few week back and walked away suitably impressed. The improvements on the previous generation are clearly visible. They arrive in the form of more accurate and quicker dural-frequency satellite technology. The heart rate sensor has been upped to the next version which is better at capturing your vitals information. This is both at rest and during exercise. And there are some more general enhancements such as on-board storage for music, a revamp of the software platform and more.

If you have not linked up Zepp Health and Adidas Running, this is very simple. Open up the Zepp Health app and go to Add Accounts in the Profile tab. Choose Adidas Running and enter your Adidas Running account credentials. That’s all you need to do for the apps to sync information between each other. There is no cost involved so you may as well give it a try.

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