Garmin Forerunner 955 gets Sleep Mode in latest update

As part of software update that goes under the number 13.22, Garmin has added Sleep Mode to the Forerunner 955 line of watches. What exactly is this and how do you use it?

The software refresh started rolling out in mid-November. According to Garmin’s website it has reached 75% of devices at the time of writing this article. As always, this is a gradual rollout.

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Some features that come as part of version 13.22 include running power without the need for an external accessory, a Grade Adjusted Pace data field and more. However, one feature that does not receive a mention in the change-log is something called Sleep Mode. Users have noticed that the option has popped up on their Forerunner 955 once they installed the update.

Garmin Sleep Mode – what is it?

This should not be confused with the Sleep Mode that is available for earlier generation devices such as the old Vivoactives. This was a time when you needed to let Garmin know when you’ve gone to bed.

In the last few years, Garmin fitness trackers and sports watches have gained the ability for auto-sleep recognition by detecting your movement and heart rate. You do, however, need to set a sleep window during which Garmin pays more attention to these types of stats. Sleep statistics include an overall Sleep Score, along with info on sleep stages, movement, SpO2 and more – depending on the device that you own.

The more recent Sleep Mode version has been available on some high-end watches such as the Fenix 7 range and Epix 2. And now we can add the Forerunner 955 line to this wrist.

The functionality does two things. It allows you to manually enter Sleep Mode and, more importantly, to tweak the watch settings such as notifications and alerts.

Enabling the Sleep Mode manually can be done via the following route:

  • Go to the sleep widget on your compatible Garmin watch.
  • Click the top right-hand button and navigate the menu down to Sleep Mode. Choose this by pressing the right hand button again.
  • Select Enable Sleep Mode
  • You’ll notice that your watch-face has dimmed.

The same route should be followed to disable the Sleep Mode.

Sleep Mode settings are a useful add-on

As far as tweaking how your watch behaves when the Mode is on, this is also done via the sleep widget. But instead of choosing Sleep Mode, select Settings.

You’ll get the option to change the watch face to a dedicated sleep page, to tweak the brightness per cent, to choose whether the touch functionality should be on or off, and to choose whether the do-not-disturb should be switched on.

Garmin Sleep Mode

All things considered this is not a huge feature change. But it is something that allows you more control over how your watch behaves. Beyond actual sleep, you could actually switch it on during the day when you do not want to be disturbed.

A far bigger improvement as far as sleep tracking on Garmin sports watches would be the introduction of the ability to monitor for naps. But unfortunately, the wait for that feature continues. The company has made no mention that it is coming, so it doesn’t seem to be on the horizon. Let’s hope we get an unexpected New Year surprise!

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