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With the CES 2023 geekfest in full swing, we continue to cover innovative fitness and health technology. Motion Pillow is up next. It presents itself as a novel approach to getting a good night’s rest – an anti-snoring solution. You could say, this is a product that “turns heads”.

Snoring can be a problem for both the snorer and their partner. It may cause sleep disturbances, frustration and even marital issues. An estimated 90 million American adults snore at least occasionally, illustrating how common this issue really is. Statistics show, some 37% of American men and 24% of American women admit to snoring at least a few nights a week.

There is no single cause. Snoring can be brought on by a number of things, including obesity, drinking alcohol and sleeping position. It could also be an indicator of a more serious health problem. For example, some 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, and that condition is sometimes linked to snoring.

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It is for these reasons snore solutions have garnered so much attention. But Motion Pillow is a novel approach to this problem. The gizmo automatically recognises when a user begins to snore and adjusts their head position to open their airway.

Motion Pillow consists of two parts

There are two main elements to Motion Pillow. The first is the pillow itself which is made of eco-friendly foam and has an electromagnetic wave zero emission design. The second part of the system is a standalone drive unit, the Motion System. This is the part which listens out for snoring and injects air into the pillow.

At the outset, there’s a brief learning period where Motion Pillow learns the sound of your snoring. This configures the Motion System which, from that point on, will automatically send a signal to the pillow whenever it detects snoring. The airbags in the pillow inflate, thus adjusting the position of the sleeper’s head. Genius in its simplicity.

The position adjustment aids in snoring reduction, at least that’s the idea. The system only reacts to a specific user’s snoring sound, which is an added benefit. Therefore, there is little chance that a partner’s snoring will trigger the system. The company conducted a clinical trial which showed that 90% of users saw a reduction in snoring while using the Motion Pillow.

Motion Pillow

The awards this gadget has picked up at CES show that it has been in development for a while. Motion Pillow has been recognised as a CES Innovation Awards honoree for three years running (2020, 2022 and 2023), which is a credit to the product’s creative design. The South Korean business 10 Minds is expected to finally start selling Motion Pillow later in 2023. No word yet on a specific release date, but presumably this should be announced soon.

Motion Pillow

Some notable characteristics of Motion Pillow include:

  • Electromagnetic Wave zero emission
  • AI learning system
  • Low noise design
  • Ability to check sleep data
  • Adjustable airbag inflation height
  • Ability to record snoring sound
  • Eco-friendly foam

Overall, this sounds like a very unique treatment option for snorers. Something that has the potential to significantly improve the quality of sleep for both the user and their partner.

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