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Amazfit T-Rex 2 gets back-to-back firmware updates, bringing external heart rate band support

Amazfit T-Rex 2 has received two firmware updates in quick succession, making it a more useful device. The ability to connect to external heart rate chest straps is one of the new features. This is much sought after functionality that is also available on the GT 4 range.

The first firmware update was released a few weeks ago. That’s the one with external heart rate chest strap support. Be patient if you haven’t received it yet. It goes under the number

Another update is available as of today. It is designated as Changes include updated sleep monitoring, slope and pressure calculation, and the squashing of some bugs.

You should get the notification about the new software automatically. If not, head over to the Zepp app and then Profile > Amazfit T-Rex 2. Check for Updates to update to the latest firmware version. Make sure the phone’s Bluetooth connection is on and keep the watch close to the phone during the upgrade process. Also worth noting is that the update might fail is the remaining battery power on your watch is below 10%. So make sure to top-up beforehand.

Of more interest to us is firmware update So let’s delve into that one in a bit more detail.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 firmware update – what’s new?

You can now connect to an external heart rate chest strap!

This is actually a pretty big deal. Anyone who is serious about their athletic pursuits knows that the best way to track heart rate during high intensity exercise is with an external chest strap. Amazfit and other fitness companies have improved the accuracy of tracking heart rate from the wrist. However, this is still not comparable to data obtained from external devices.

The good news is that Amazfit T-Rex 2 now has that capability. For a long time, only Amazfit watches in the Stratos line had this feature. It was also added to the GT4 lineup earlier this year. So it appears that it will become the norm with new Amazfit watches.

We tested out the feature on the GTR 4 and found it works without a hitch. We tried it on a few different external heart rate chest straps, and the watch worked flawlessly with all of them. There is no ANT+ compatibility, so connecting to an external device is done via Bluetooth. Nonetheless, the connection is reliable and will activate automatically when you begin an exercise.

The one-time setup involves heading over to the settings page on the watch and selecting Bluetooth. There you’ll notice a menu option that says Workout accessory. Click on that and you will have the ability to add external devices by tapping the little + sign. You only need to add each different accessory once.

Conditional Pause

Another feature, albeit less important, with this update is called Conditional Pause. It will end the workout automatically when the pre-set goal has been reached.

To set up you’ll need to enable the feature by going to Any Workout > Assistant > Workout Goal > Conditional Pause.

Beyond that, firmware update brings a few optimisations to a the algorithms. This includes automatic motion recognition, workout heart rate, maximum oxygen update and pool swimming.

Here’s a snapshot of the change-log as it will appear on your watch when the update is available in your region.

Amazfit T-Rex update

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