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Anatel gives thumbs up to the mysterious Amazfit smartwatch

A mystery Amazfit smartwatch has been registered on January 12th 2023 by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) in Brazil. The exact same device received the stamp of approval from the US Federal Communications Comission (FCC) in November.

The last smartwatch to drop from the outfit was Amafit Pop 2. It comes with a massive 1.78 inch display and standard fitness and health tracking tech. But, so far, that device has only seen the light of day in certain Asian markets. It doesn’t seem that it will be released globally.

Amazfit smartwatches that were released internationally in recent months all come from the Amazfit GT 4 range. This includes GTS 4, GTR 4 and GTS 4 Mini. The first two on this list were announced in late August ahead of IFA in Berlin. The last one on the list was unveiled a bit earlier.

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We reviewed Amazfit GTR 4 and found it to be a big leap on the predecessor device. You get nice improvements in satellite connectivity. The dual-band tech ensures you secure a signal quickly and it offers better accuracy and consistent mapping of outdoor exercise. This change along with better heart rate tracking and the ability to connect to external heart rate monitors combine to make the Amazfit ecosystem much more accurate that before.

New high-end watch registered by the FCC and Anatel

It will be interesting to see what else Zepp Health has in store. The recent Alcatel and FCC filing points to a soonish release of another Amazfit watch. It is quite likely the device will be officially unveiled in the weeks ahead..

Not much is known about the upcoming watch. The FCC paperwork and Alacatel documentation refer to the watch with the moniker 2AC8UA2174 or model number A2174.

Label information in the FCC filing shows that this will be a circular timepiece. And that it will have both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Which points to a high-end watch. But no NFC chip for contactless payments.

Amazfit watch

There’s even a image of the timepiece that accompanies the Alcatel filing. Interestingly, only one physical button can be seen on the right-hand side. Recent Amazfit watches have two. Also, the circular domed screen looks a bit more premium.

Mystery Amazfit watch
Mystery Amazfit watch

Lots of speculation, by noone really knows for sure

There is talk this is a new device in the Amazfit GTR 3 range. Which to us doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. More likely it could be the GTR 4 Pro. The third generation device saw an additional Pro iteration, but so far we have not seen the same with this latest edition.

What is clear from the images is that this is not the Amazfit T-Rex 2 Pro. The vanilla variant dropped earlier this year but not the Pro version. To remind, there was speculation that this edition of the watch will be coming.

And, of course, the device could be something entirely different. Zepp Health surprised us with Amazfit Vienna in October. Perhaps it has another surprise in store.

The confidentiality of the FCC filing runs out on April 23 2023. But we will, probably, see the device well before then.

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