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Retailer removes listing for unannounced Garmin Forerunner 265 & 965

A retailer has briefly listed the Garmin Forerunner 265 and 965 watches, implying that an official release is imminent. Both devices are expected to pack AMOLED screens.

It hasn’t been long since the Forerunner 255 and 955 were revealed. Almost six months. However, in the coming days or weeks, their successors might already be here.

Mind you, not much additional functionality is expected. But the one feature that is widely rumoured is an AMOLED display on both. So the distinction will be something along the lines of the Fenix 7 and Epix 2.

Previously, such high-resolution displays would consume a lot of power. However, Garmin has mastered the art of providing AMOLED displays that do not deplete battery life.

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If there is additional software functionality that will be unveiled with these two watches, in all likelihood it will trickle down to the 955 and 255. The fact that Garmin is releasing these two devices so soon after their predecessors, points to the same underlying sensor technology under the hood.

Retailer lists the Garmin Forerunner 265 & 965, the entry has been pulled now

But when exactly can we expect the 265 and 965? All we can say is very soon.

Retailer has briefly listed both watches yesterday. The entry has been pulled from the website but not before Twitter user Flo captured a couple of screenshots. Here’s the Forerunner 265.

The 265 is also expected to come in a smaller 265s model. The first will probably arrive in a choice between Black / Power Gray, Whitestone / Tidal Blue and Aqua / Black options. The second in Whitestone / Neo Tropic and Light Pink / Whitestone models.

Unfortunately no pictures of the watch were revealed, but the website does provide some pricing info. Expect the 265 to sell at around the $500 mark. That’s $150 more expensive than the base 255 model. No separate Music option is listed for the 265. Most likely because Music is included by default. That’s to be expected considering the hefty price tag.

As far as the 965, that one has also received a listing on the same website. It should sell around the $650 mark which, too, is $150 up on the price of the current version. The site lists a Black / Powder Gray option. Flo speculates that we could also see Whitestone / Powder Gray and Amp Yellow / Black versions.

A listing on a retailer’s website, of course, is no guarantee of anything. However, given that both entries are accompanied by a Garmin SKU code, they appear to be genuine. History has taught us that when a Garmin launch date approaches, a few retailer leaks occur.

One example is the upcoming Vivomove Trend. Garmin has not said anything official about the device yet, but images and other info about the watch is already circulating around the internet. This will be a hybrid with smarts and a high-res display hidden below analog hands. It will be a women centric watch that will be about both style and substance.

In terms of a possible release date, don’t be surprised if we see at least one, if not all three, of these watches in the immediate future. Tuesday is always a good day to pay attention to, as Garmin often schedules launches for that day. So keep an eye on January 24th and 31st.

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  • Hah, good luck with that battery life! my 955 is typically giving about 4 days life with minimal use so i imagine a version with a higher drain screen is going to struggle to last 3 days.


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