Apple Watch Series X and SE3 to get bigger displays in 2024: Report

According to a new report, Apple will launch the Watch Series X and third-generation Watch SE3 models with larger displays in 2024. David Hsieh, an analyst at technology research firm Omdia, shared this information in a recent research note.

Apple Watch Series X

The Series X will, reportedly, have two LTPO OLED display sizes, 1.89 inches and 2.04 inches. These will be around 5% to 10% larger than the current Apple Watch Series 8. Although the dimensions are for the rectangular display panel, the actual viewable area will be slightly smaller due to the Apple Watch’s rounded bezels.

The “Series X” branding has yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to be similar to the iPhone X. Interestingly, this is contrary to an earlier report. That one speculated Apple would skip Series 9 and that we would see Apple Watch X in 2023. Hsieh doesn’t agree.

To remind, Apple skipped the “Apple 9” phone in order to align their iPhone model naming convention with the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone’s release. The first iPhone was released back in June 2007, and the iPhone X was released in September 2017. Apple’s decision to skip the “Apple 9” phone was also to signal a major redesign and a shift to a new generation of iPhones.

As a result, Hsieh’s latest report makes more sense than the previous report, given that the first Apple Watch was released in 2014. That means the ten-year anniversary will be in 2024, rather than 2023. So Series 9 could arrive in September of this year, after all.

Apple Watch SE3

Hsieh anticipates that the third-generation Apple Watch SE will have the same display sizes as the Apple Watch Series 8. If the Apple Watch SE3 adopts the Series 8’s slimmer bezels, it will be available in 41mm and 45mm case sizes, slightly larger than the 40mm and 44mm sizes of the current version.

Meanwhile, if the Apple Watch Series 9 is released in 2023, it will most likely retain the same display sizes as the Series 8. But we will probably not see Watch SE3 until next year.

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Hsieh’s others predictions are consistent with a few other reports which speculate the next-generation Apple Watch Ultra will have a larger 2.13-inch display. This would be an improvement over the Apple Watch Ultra’s current 1.99-inch display. That one is also expected to land in 2024.

Additionally, Apple Watch Ultra 2 is expected to upgrade the LTPS OLED to Micro LED. Micro LED displays are constructed from tiny LED lights that emit their own light, making them more energy efficient than traditional LED displays. This is a newer technology that is thinner and lighter than standard LED displays. It also has higher resolutions, resulting in more vibrant and sharp images.

All of this suggests that we can expect few design changes this year in Series 9. However, the Apple Watch Series X and SE3 are expected to have larger displays in 2024. The next-generation Apple Watch Ultra will also have a larger display. This should improve user viewing experience and make the Apple Watch even more appealing.

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