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The innovative Huawei Watch GT Cyber starts global rollout

Huawei Watch GT Cyber has started its global rollout. The unusual device comes with a removable dial that allows you to change the design of the watch and use the core unit for other purposes. You are not going to come across another smartwatch like it.

The device has been available in China since November. As of yesterday, it can also be purchased in Mexico.

A very innovative design

The innovative timepiece was originally teased a few days ago. Its headline grabbing feature is a display that pops out of the bezel. This makes it possible to customize the smartwatch core unit with different designs and color options.

Huawei Watch GT Cyber

As shown in the image above, the entire dial can be removed from the metal frame. This means all the tech, including the central mechanism, processors, chips, health sensors, batteries and pretty much everything else, will be ported over. There are two distinct designs (Functional and Elegant), along with 6 colour options (featuring matching watch-faces) – including silver, blue, black/gold, orange and more.

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If you prefer to give your wrist a much needed rest, you can use the thing as a pocketwatch. Or perhaps a sports bracelet, bike computer and more. Various accessories, no doubt, will bring creative ways on how to use the device.

Robust build, standard features

This is a very robust timepiece. Huawei says it has passed a total of 16 military tests.

The case is made of 316L stainless steel around which is a non-microcrystalline ceramic bezel. This is attached to an aviation-grade, hydrogenated nitrile rubber strap. This type of material is flexible and light, while at the same time being tough and durable. Water resistance comes in at a decent 5 ATM.

As far as ability, Huawei Watch GT Cyber packs the usual fitness and health sensors. This includes heart rate and blood oxygen tracking. On top of that you get 100 sports modes and other smarts that can already be found on the company’s other products.

Mind you, most of the health tracking functionality will only work from the wrist as the back of the watch needs contact with your skin. In other modes you’ll get just the basic fitness stats such as steps.

In Mexico, you can preorder the Huawei Watch GT Cyber for MEX$3,699 (US$196) with a deposit of MEX$100 (approximately US$5). When the presale ends on February 13, the price will rise to MEX$3,999 (approximately US$212).

Another Huawei watch in the making was recently spotted. This is a mystery device that might be the start of a new range.

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