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Garmin Q1 2023 product update provides details on upcoming features

The Q1 product update for Garmin’s smartwatches provides details on new new functionality that will land in the near future. The Enduro 2, epix (Gen 2), fenix 7 series, Instinct 2 series, Instinct Crossover, MARQ (Gen 2), quatix 7, tactix 7, Forerunner 255 & 955, along with the vivomove series are among the devices that will receive feature updates.

These will start to make their rounds in the coming weeks. In fact the Fenix 7 and other watches in that group have already seen the first updates in version 11.28 of the software.

As far as what is arriving, the table below provides the answer (click on it to enlarge):

Garmin quarterly update

Most of these changes are coming to high-end devices

The automatic detection of ascent and descent during ski tours is one of the new features. If you enjoy traveling, the Jet Lag Advisor could be something you might find useful. It provides recommendations on sleep rhythm, ambient light exposure, and how to ease back into exercising while mitigating the effects of jet lag.

Water sports have become increasingly popular in recent years. There are new statistics available for water skiing, wakeboarding, wake-surfing, and tubing, as well as multi-day sailing activities.

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With version 2.0, Physio TrueUp has been upgraded. Data, such as Training Status, Training Load, and Load Focus, is now synchronised across multiple Garmin devices to provide a complete picture of the training activities. A watch can also be set as the primary device for training.

All of these changes are coming to Fenix 7, epix (Gen 2), Enduro 2, Tatix 7, MARQ (Gen 2) and quatix 7. But some other watches will be missing out.

The recently launched Instinct Crossover gets the winter sport features, Wrist-based Running Power, Morning Report, Grade-adjusted Pace and Daily Suggested Workouts. For some reason, Instinct Series 2 misses out on the Morning Report. At least for now.

Owners of the Forerunner 955 and 255 can only expect Physio TrueUp 2 as a new feature in the coming weeks. So no Jet Lag Adviser, which is a bit of a dissapointent. It will be interesting to see what new functionality comes with the upcoming 965 and 265. Both are expected to launch in early March.

According to the table, the 945 LTE will get all of the features that the 955 and 255 already have. It is attempting to catch up.

In addition, selected vivomove models are set to receive a Sleep Score.

More info on the individual upcoming features, as described by Garmin

Backcountry Ski/Snowboard enhancements: This preloaded profile now distinguishes between descending and ascending. It also allows you to start tracking and leave it running all day.

Jet lag guideOn your next long-distance flight, follow these tips to reduce the effects of jet lag: light exposure, sleep schedule, and exercise. Enter your travel information into the Garmin Connect smartphone app calendar and monitor how your body clock adjusts to your new location.

Wake sports activities: Water skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and tubing statistics are now available. These new watersport activity profiles detect when you’re moving or waiting for the boat.

Sail expedition: Use the new sail expedition activity profile to extend your adventure by recording a multiday activity that requires less charging. Sensors and accessories are turned off to conserve battery power while tracking your GPS location once every hour.

Physio TrueUp 2.0: For users with multiple compatible devices. TrueUpTM physio data synchronisation will now unify training features such as Training Status, Training Load, Load Focus, and HRV status. You can designate a primary device to ensure more consistent training data. Users who have multiple compatible smartwatches or who have a compatible smartwatch with an Edge 1040 device are eligible.

Sunrise and sunset widget 2.0: With daily indications for sunrise and sunset times, you’ll know when to start an adventure or set up camp before dark. An altitude graph depicts the position of the sun in the sky. You can also see the sun’s position overlaid on a map to show its position relative to your own. This allows you to understand the position of the sky at various times of the day.

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