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Garmin Sunrise/Sunset widget enhancements: what’s new & different

One of the new features coming to a set of Garmin watches are Sunrise/Sunset widget enhancements. Here’s everything you need to know.

This is part of the quarterly feature update as specified by Garmin. It comes along with a bunch of other updates to Fenix 7, Epix 2, Enduro 2, Tactix 7, MARQ 2 and quatix 7. If you have a Forerunner or one of the other Garmin watches, you are out of luck. They will not be getting the enhanced Sunrise/Sunset widget. At least not in the immediate future.

The feature has already started rolling out

The Garmin sunrise sunset widget has been available for a while now on Fenix and Forerunner watches. This is a useful tool for many people who enjoy spending time outside or need to plan their day around daylight hours.

As you’ve probably guessed, it provides information on the time of sunrise, sunset, and twilight at the user’s current location, as well as the duration of daylight and darkness. The widget also allows users to set reminders for sunrise and sunset, which can be useful for planning outdoor activities or simply for keeping track of the passing of the day.

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Garmin refers to the upgrade as Sunrise/Sunset widget 2.0. Some users have already received this. It comes as part of firmware refresh that goes under the number 11.28. Which has made its way to around 20% of the users at the time of writing this article.

Garmin surise sunset widget

The improvements to the widget include a map of the sun’s position, sun altitude graph, and almanac information to the sunrise and sunset glance. The altitude graph depicts the position of the sun in the sky. You can also see the sun’s position overlaid on a map to show its position relative to your own. This allows you to understand the position of the sky at various times of the day.

Garmin software updates are typically installed automatically through the iOS or Android Garmin Connect App. There is nothing for you to do as it will be done for you. Usually, a new release might take up to a week before it is pushed to your watch or fitness tracker. Garmin Express software can also install any available updates for you. This is an application that manages your device from a PC or Mac laptop or desktop computer. Check out our full guide on how to update Garmin devices.

Garmin sunrise sunset widget: A useful tool for the outdoorsy types

All things considered, this is not a huge upgrade. But it is a nice revamp of the widget which really gives more detail.

Something like this on a smartwatch can be extremely useful for people who enjoy outdoor activities or have a busy schedule that requires them to spend a lot of time outside. It can help people plan their days more effectively.

If someone wants to go for a morning jog, for example, the widget can tell them when the sun will rise, allowing them to plan their route and avoid running in the dark. Similarly, if a person is planning a hike or camping trip, the widget can assist them in determining the best time to begin and end their activities based on the amount of daylight available.

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