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Firmware update brings Calendar function & more to Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro

A hefty firmware update has started making its rounds for the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro. It slaps on a Calendar function, “Find your band,” and a few other features.

The software’s version number is 1.4.10. It is gradually reaching all customers. Companies take this approach to reduce the risk of widespread problems or bugs that were missed during testing. It also allows them to collect feedback from a smaller group of users before rolling out the update to everyone.

You can use the smartphone app to see if the update is available to you. Once the download begins, it is best to stay on the app’s installation page until everything is finished. Some of these updates may take some time to download and install, so make sure your Smart Band 7 Pro has enough battery life left. This one takes about 30 minutes, depending on your WiFi connection speed.

What’s new?

The update is a nice one. It adds a bunch of goodies such as a Calendar function, a “Turn off watch face Editing function, along with “Find your band” which allows you to find your device via the mobile phone. There’s also the addition of a “Stat goal switch” function which allows you to customise whether to receive stat goal push.

Here’s the change-log in full.

Xiaomi Smart Band Pro firmware update

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 also gets an update

It is worth noting, this is an update for the Pro version of the tracker. The basic band has received a software refresh only a few days ago. It goes under version number But that one ends at squashing bugs. So no new functionality for users to look forward to.

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Exactly what bugs were fixed remains a mystery. Some users have noticed that the Smart alarm for wake-up seams louder than before and that sleep detecting is more sensitive to subtle movements. Sync also seems to be faster, scrolling a bit smoother and animations faster. But that all remains unconfirmed.

Is the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 on the horizon?

The vanilla and Pro variant of Mi Smart Band 7 were released in May and July 2022, respectively. The later made its international debut a few months later. The wearable has a loyal following and is probably the most popular budget fitness band around.

For starters, the device provides a plethora of features such as step tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking at a very reasonable price. Second, it has a long battery life that can last several days, making it a convenient wearable device. Finally, the Mi Band’s sleek and simple design allows it to be worn with any outfit, and its compatibility with both Android and iOS devices ensures a large user base.

Loyal fans will be happy to know that the wait for version 8 might not be long. Xiaomi has been pretty good at releasing subsequent versions of the tracker each year. And the Chinese tech behemoth intends to launch a slew of devices at MWC in Barcelona. Word is that Band 8 could be one of them. If not, it should follow this Spring.

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  • Xiaomi Smart band 7 firmware update fails to install all the time. Very annoying. Xiaomi Greece have no idea why. Same issue in other countries. Help.

    • Same issue here as well. Unable to update my mi band 7 to version 2.0


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