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Stay safe with Fall Detection: Google Pixel Watch rolls out new feature

Google Pixel Watch’s new fall detection feature has now started rolling out. It detects a hard fall using motion sensors and machine learning and will contact emergency services if you do not move or respond within a certain timeframe.

The company’s flagship smartwatch has received a slew of software updates in December. Fitbit Sleep Profiles with cute animal comparisons were included, as well as new tiles. Google stated at the time that fall detection would be available soon.

Well, the company has stayed true to its word. Unlike Fitbit, which seems to be on a self-destruct mission that involves removing existing functionality, Google is working to improve the feature-set of its watches.

The Google Pixel Watch’s Fall Detection feature will keep you safe

Wearable technology has come a long way in recent years. Fall detection on the Google Pixel Watch is a prime example of how a device on your wrist can be used to keep you safe.

The functionality is extremely simple to use. You can enable the feature in the Watch Companion app’s ‘Updates’ page. The other option is to do this directly on the Pixel Watch in the Personal Safety page. If you take a hard fall and don’t move for about 30 seconds after activating the feature, your watch will vibrate, sound an alarm, and display an on-screen notification to check on you.

If you are unable to respond, the timepiece will attempt to contact emergency services and play an automated message requesting assistance from wherever you are. To call 911 on a Google Pixel Watch without 4G LTE, your paired phone must be nearby.

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The Pixel Watch fall detection feature is specifically designed to detect genuine falls while minimising false alarms. Motion sensors and algorithms can detect a sudden impact as well as your body’s instinctive reactions to falling.

If you’re concerned about inadvertently initiating an emergency call while engaging in strenuous physical activity, Google Pixel Watch should be able to cope. It has been trained to tell the difference between a hard fall and a minor stumbling. Google says the feature has been extensively tested against high-energy activities such as burpees, jumping, and swimming. Plus, you have time to dismiss the notification if it turns out to be a false alarm.

One of a number of features to keep you safe

In addition to this fall detection feature, Pixel products have other features that keep you safe. For example, Pixel phones’ Personal Safety App includes car crash detection and emergency broadcast notifications. When you’re in an emergency or feel unsafe, Pixel Watch’s Emergency SOS alerts can contact emergency responders or trusted contacts.

When you enable fall detection, you’ll also have the option to enable a setting called “Help improve fall detection,” which allows Google to collect motion sensor data from events detected as falls in order to improve the feature in the future. You can also disable fall detection at any time if you no longer require it.

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