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Amazfit watches to get smarter with ChatGPT integration

Amazfit is in the process of releasing a new version of its Zepp OS operating system for smartwatches, featuring ChatGPT. This integration will create a unique tool for users to communicate with their smartwatches using natural language.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) model developed by OpenAI that produces responses to text-based inputs that are human-like using natural language processing. Having been trained on a sizable dataset of various text sources, it is one of the most sophisticated language models available at this time.

Now on version 3.5, it is expected version 4.0 of ChatGPT will be released next week. This was revealed by Microsoft CTO Andreas Bran at an AI conference in Germany. The next iteration will have multimodal options, including video.

Amazfit is first out of the box with proper ChatGPT smartwatch integration

A new version of the Zepp OS for smartwatches is in the works, according to Zepp Health. The most intriguing aspect of it is that it includes built-in ChatGPT integration.

It was not immediately clear if this was just a ChatGPT watch face. However, it is a fully functional feature that enables users to communicate with their smartwatch using natural language, as shown in the Linkedin video clip below demonstrating a demo of how it works on the GTR 4.

This will make Amazfit, the first smartwatch brand with proper ChatGPT integration. Currently, no other company offers this feature. At least not in the same way. We wrote yesterday about an app for the Apple Watch that does something similar. But that software is rather limited and does not allow for audio input. There’s also a charge to download the Apple Watch app.

The Zepp operating system will include the ChatGPT software out of the box. As the video shows, the list of apps will have a ChatGenius link with the feature. There is also a separate dial with the chat feature that gives you direct access to the AI platform and lets you speak your questions. The response will be provided in the form of a thorough written response.

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For example, if a user inquires about their day, ChatGPT will offer them a variety of health and fitness statistics pertinent to the time frame. Similar to this, users can use the AI to find answers to questions about the weather, traffic, date, time, and various other data.

Why this is important

Virtual assistants such Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Samsung Bixby are currently available on some smartwatches. The disadvantage of these assistants is that they frequently only offer minimal assistance or point users to external websites for more information, preventing them from offering quick and convenient access to information while on the go. This results in users having to switch to their mobile browsers in order to get more in-depth responses, which makes the process annoying.

Contrarily, ChatGPT provides a more thorough and practical response without leading users to other websites. It is a great virtual assistant for limited-capability devices such as smartwatches because of this feature.

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