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Huawei Watch Ultimate debuts in Europe, following China release two weeks ago

The Huawei Watch Ultimate has now arrived in Europe, approximately two weeks after its initial release in China. Featuring an LPTO AMOLED screen, an impressive battery, and dive-ready capabilities, it’s a durable option compared to other Huawei watches. However, the global version lacks the flagship two-way satellite messaging system.

The smartwatch is set to compete with premium smartwatches such as the Apple Watch Ultra. The timepiece boasts an array of impressive features that cater to diving, trekking, and outdoor activities.

Thanks to 16 water-resistant structures, the device has a 10ATM water resistance and an EN13319 rating. This makes the Huawei Watch Ultimate is suitable for dives down to 110 meters. Users get data on depth, ascent, decompression, oxygen pressure, hover timers, and more.

Huawei Watch Ultimate

In addition to its diving capabilities, the Huawei Watch Ultimate also features advanced health tracking functions. The watch can provide ECG and arterial stiffness readings, making it a useful tool for those interested in monitoring their cardiovascular health.

Fitness enthusiasts will also appreciate the built-in five-band GNSS that comes with the Huawei Watch Ultimate. The watch has over 140 sports profiles, and special attention has been given to running, which includes built-in fitness and training plans, the Running Ability Index, and recovery insights.

Huawei Watch Ultimate

Hikers and adventurers can use the Expedition option of the watch, which includes back-to-start capability and the ability to add custom markers. The Huawei Watch Ultimate also has a barometer for altitude monitoring, and weather warnings. However, it turns out that the rumors that circulated previous to the launch were false. There was speculation that the watch would allow for satellite communications.

Huawei designed the watch’s case with high-end materials such as liquid metal, which is renowned for its strength and light weight, and ceramic for the bezel. This is the material that is used in aircraft construction. The bezel does not appear to be completely functional, so that was another false rumour.

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The strap is constructed of titanium, and the watch is available in two different colors. You can get Expedition Black with a leather strap or Voyage Blue with a titanium link band.

The Huawei Watch Ultimate has a large 1.5-inch LTPO AMOLED screen with refresh speeds ranging from 1Hz to 60Hz. The resolution is an excellent 466 x 466, with a brightness of up to 1000 nits. The watch’s 530mAh battery can last up to 14 days on a single charge, but heavy use will virtually cut the battery life in half. Battery modes can be customized, and rapid charging and Qi wireless charging are both supported.

Huawei Watch Ultimate
Image source: Huawei

While it lacks features such as wrist payments and a comprehensive app store, the Huawei Watch Ultimate’s impressive feature set and advanced capabilities make it a strong contender. It could appeal to those looking for a high-quality smartwatch with advanced features for diving and outdoor sports.

One thing worth mentioning – the international variant of the Watch Ultimate is unable to transmit or accept satellite messages. The the flagship two-way satellite messaging system is reserved only for the China region.

Perhaps this is why the Watch Ultimate is priced at €749 for Expedition Black and €899 for Voyage Blue. This makes it more affordable in Europe as compared to China, where it ranges from CNY 5,999 (about €805) to CNY 6,999 (roughly €939).

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