A circular take on the Apple Watch Ultra: the $35 Chinese replica

The Apple Watch Ultra has garnered quite a following since its debut, with its sleek design and impressive range of health and fitness tracking capabilities. However, a Chinese company has recently released a replica that not only boasts a price tag of a mere $35, but also offers a unique twist: a circular design.

A circular Apple Watch Ultra may look something like this

At first glance, the Chinese copy looks a lot like the Apple Watch Ultra, but it is different because it has a round shape. The device is 51.0 x 44.8 x 11.8 millimetres and has a 1.6-inch HD screen with a 454 x 454 pixel resolution. The case has a sporty leather strap that goes around the wrist.

Apple Watch Ultra circular

The replica claims to have a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, sedentary warnings, step tracking, and exercise tracking. This list also includes a blood pressure monitor, which is something that none of the Apple Watches have.

Apple Watch Ultra circular

Some of the other benefits are remote control of the camera and music, weather forecasts, reminders for calls and SMS, and more. When you raise your hand, the screen instantly gets brighter.

The battery life of the IP67 rated device is advertised as up to a week in normal mode and 25 days in standby thanks to a 300mAh battery. That should be a goal for the real Apple Watch to reach for!

Looks can be deceiving

While this intriguing knockoff may give us a glimpse of what a circular Apple Watch Ultra could look like, it’s important to remember that appearances can be deceiving.

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When it comes to functionality and programme support, the Chinese copy is far behind. The device won’t be able to track health and fitness nearly as well as the Apple Watch Ultra. This makes it more of an interesting design experiment than a real option for people who want a high-quality smartwatch.

There are several reasons for this disparity:

  1. To save money, such companies often use materials and parts of lower quality, which can hurt a device’s durability, reliability, and general user experience.
  2. Cloned devices do not have access to the same software, firmware updates, and app ecosystems as their real versions. This makes them much less flexible and useful.
  3. Most companies that make cheap copies don’t spend a lot of money on strict quality control methods, which leads to uneven performance and a higher chance of problems.
  4. The sensors in these kinds of devices may be way off when it comes to health and exercise tracking. For example, this watch can track your blood pressure, which isn’t something that most watches can do because it’s hard to measure correctly.
  5. If a user has problems with their replica gadget, they might not be able to get help, repairs, or a refund, unlike customers of well-known brands like Apple.

So, even though the circle shape of the Chinese copy of the Apple Watch Ultra is an interesting design idea, the device is not nearly as good as the real thing because it doesn’t work as well and isn’t as well made. It is not even in the same ballpark!

When looking at these kinds of goods, consumers should be careful because they often have hidden costs in terms of performance, reliability, and customer service. With these warnings in mind, you can take a closer look at the device on AliExpress. It is available in Black case and strap, along with a silver case orange strap option.

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