Boxing Buddy: Transform your punching bag into an intelligent striking partner

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Are you tired of generic workouts and looking for a sparring partner that’s always ready for action? You might find what you’re looking for in Boxing Buddy, a brand-new piece of technology that’s currently being funded on Indiegogo. The device will turn your heavy punching bag into a smart training partner, enabling you to practise your defence moves and fighting skills whenever and wherever you want.

Boxing Buddy

A punching bag that strikes back!

Boxing Buddy provides a realistic and difficult training experience thanks to its rotating soft-padded arms that simulate opponent strikes at a variety of speeds, paces, and intensities. This makes for a more effective workout. Yes, this is a pushing bag that actually strikes back.

It can be used with any round object, including boxing bags. If you don’t have a proper punching bag, you could tie it to a tree and use that instead. The soft padding on the arms creates the impression of an opponent striking at a variety of speeds and intensities.

Boxing Buddy

All of this connects via Bluetooth-to a smartphone app. The software spits out with multiple personalised programs and progress tracking, ensuring you get the most out of your workouts. You can train on offense, defense, and footwork.

Boxing Buddy also adapts to your current skill level and the goals you’ve set for yourself. To this end it offers four distinct levels of difficulty. Essentially, it simulates the experience of working out with a partner.

Boxing Buddy

Because of its lightweight construction and the fact that its foam arms are adjustable, it is very simple to pack up and transport. This ensures that you can work hard to improve your skills at your own pace and on your own time.

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As far as battery life, Boxing Buddy has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides about 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Because the time required to recharge is only 1.5 hours, you won’t have to wait very long before your combat partner is ready for action.

Indiegogo funded – delivery in September

These types of workouts help to strengthen your core as well as your coordination and footwork. The rapid and unpredictable arm movements of Boxing Buddy force you to stay mobile and help you build leg strength by forcing you to perform squats as you try to avoid being hit. The device has the potential to sharpen your instincts and improve your reaction time, allowing you to be faster and more agile.

If this sounds appealing, you can support Boxing Buddy on Indiegogo. Assuming everything goes according to plan with manufacturing, a $249 pledge will get you one of these in September. This represents a 50% off the retail price it will eventually sell for.

Price:$249 and up

Funding total:
$41,286 raised, funding goal $10,000

Estimated delivery: September 2023
35 days left in the campaign

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