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Whoop’s enhanced journal functionality delivers daily insights

Whoop has just given you much more incentive to use its journal feature. The new functionality uses its data to provide real-time insights. It’s the kind of information that was previously only available through Whoop’s monthly report.

The journal is an essential component of the Whoop experience

For those not in the know, a major benefit of WHOOP is its journal functionality. In a sense, it is something that enables A/B testing. The goal is for you to understand how different lifestyle choices affect your recovery, HRV, RHR, and overall ability to train. It is something that no other wearable can do. At least not to this extent or in this manner.

When you create your WHOOP account, you will be asked which factors you want to track. The list is long and includes items such as vegetarian diet, caffeine, alcohol, medicines, supplements, stress levels, and so on.

You can change the list of factors that you want to track at any time. This is accomplished by going to More > Journal > Customize Journal.

Some factors are automatically journaled for you. For instance, a specific percentage of sleep performance or strain.

Whoop journal now provides daily insights

Whoop has now added a new tab to its app that allows you to view insights from this journal data. Navigate to the Coaching tab and you’ll notice that the new Insights section is sitting next to the Overview section.

When you click on Insights, you’ll see something akin to the screenshots below. The app shows all of your journaling data and the impact of individual items on your training readiness. The best part is that it is updated daily. So there’s no more need to wait until the month is over to gain access to the insights.

When you click on an individual item, a new page will open with information about that specific journaling item. This includes how many times you logged that specific behaviour in the previous three months, an explanation of its impact, and a recommendation on how you can use this insight to improve your future training readiness.

Lots of changes

The company appears to be working hard to improve its software. A new stress monitoring feature was recently released. This is also something beneficial that can be used to improve your overall health.

Whoop has also hinted at a strength training feature in a future update. The app will be able to determine the efficacy of your strength training workouts as well as the strain individual exercises place on your body.

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Check out our full full review of Whoop 4.0. The device is unique in terms of the breadth of its recovery insights. This ultimately assists you in training smarter. Other brands are working hard to match Whoop’s recovery stats, but they are still behind.

Some may believe that WHOOP is only for elite athletes. We do not agree. While it may not be appropriate for the average Joe who goes for a run or a bike ride once a week, it is beneficial for those who are serious about training.

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