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First look at Fitbit’s children’s smartwatch, a Google collaboration

Images of an upcoming Fitbit children’s smartwatch have leaked, hinting at a collaboration between Google and Fitbit on the device. The smartwatch appears to be a sturdy, youth-oriented adaptation of Fitbit’s popular Versa and Sense models, adding a whimsical touch to the design.

The timepiece has been the subject of rumours for many years. But according to a report published in November 2022 by Business Insider, Google had abandoned plans for a children’s Fitbit watch due to issues that were both technological and logistical in nature. It seems now as though the project is getting back on the right track.

First images of Fitbit’s smartwatch for kids

It was 9to5Google that was the first to obtain these images. They depict a watch case with two colourful side buttons and what appears to be a microphone in between them. A colourful band that can be removed and has Fitbit’s signature logo on the loop adds a dash of colour to the overall appearance.

There are cellular signal bars at the top of the screen. This gives the impression that the device may even be able to function without a smartphone.

The images, one of which shows seven devices, were sent by someone who discovered them being sold by a third party online.

The design of the watch appears to be quite comparable to that of Fitbit’s Sense and Versa models. However, it is significantly thicker, which may be because the device is designed to accommodate a large battery. It is highly likely that this will be necessary to support cellular functionality.

The face of the timepiece is flat, and the corners are rounded. However, the screen is noticeably smaller than the total surface area of the timepiece. A black bezel, similar to the one found on Fitbit’s other fitness trackers as well as Google’s Pixel Watch, is used by Fitbit to deftly hide this.

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When activated, a whimsical “Hello!” screen appears after the Fitbit logo. This is followed by a language selection screen that displays the current battery percentage.

In terms of the operating system, the watch face gives the impression that the kids watch will run Fitbit’s very own operating system rather than Google’s Wear OS. This is a strong possibility.

The company already has a few devices specifically designed for kids

Fitbit only began offering activity trackers specifically designed for children a few years ago. But it already has a few devices under its belt.

The Fitbit Ace 3 is the brand’s third fitness tracker specifically aimed at young users and the most recent addition to this lineup of products. Other wearable devices made by Fitbit are also suitable for children and teenagers. Such devices make it possible for family members to engage in healthy competition and provide support to one another.

The market for children’s smartwatches may soon experience a shake-up as a result of the collaboration between Fitbit and Google on this project. There is a possibility that additional leaks will occur in the coming months. According to the first version of the rumour, Fitbit’s children’s smartwatch is set to make its official debut in 2024.

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