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Oppo’s patent for a smartwatch-style blood pressure gadget

A recent Oppo patent reveals a wrist-based blood pressure monitoring smartwatch that is both intuitive and simple to use.

The device consists of a central unit and dual bands that are connected to the core body to ensure that users wear it on the correct body part for accurate blood pressure readings. On the inner and/or lateral surface of the secondary strap, there are at least two identification zones.

These identification zones are critical to the device’s distinguishing feature: the ability to measure wrist circumference without the use of additional equipment. Oppo’s device therefore provides a novel tool for those who want to regularly monitor their blood pressure by determining the appropriate airbag size for the user based on the correlation between specific locations on both straps and the respective identification zone.

The Chinese patent illustration, first detected by ItHome, shows something resembling a screen at the top. This implies that the device may have features similar to a traditional smartwatch. However, it is too soon to draw firm conclusions, and Oppo may improve this technology and incorporate it into a wider range of devices in the future.

Oppo blood pressure watch

In some ways, this appears to be similar to traditional wrist-based blood pressure monitors. However, it takes the form of something resembling a smartwatch.

This type of design offers several advantages. Traditional wrist monitors typically rely on a cuff to inflate and record a blood pressure reading. Nonetheless, they frequently require manual adjustment for proper placement and precision. Oppo’s patent, on the other hand, presents a more user-friendly and convenient method by measuring wrist circumference without the use of additional equipment.

While traditional wrist monitors have made blood pressure measurements more accessible, Oppo’s invention has the potential to improve the wearable health tech experience. A device that stays on your wrist all the time and potentially collects additional data is far more convenient.

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At the moment, no Oppo watches monitor blood pressure. In reality, there aren’t many wearable tech solutions that target blood pressure monitoring via a smartwatch. As a result, it is a developing domain with significant potential for growth. Samsung, for example, sells a smartwatch with blood pressure tracking capabilities. However, in order to maintain accuracy, the watch must be calibrated on a regular basis with a traditional blood pressure monitor.

With Oppo’s innovative blood pressure device on the horizon, we can look forward to a future in which wearable health tech is not only useful but also fashionable and user-friendly. Without a doubt, wrist-based blood pressure monitoring will become commonplace in the coming years.

An additional Oppo-created gadget we are anticipating is the OHealth H1. Unveiled at CES 2023, this device is holdable rather than wearable. Essentially, it resembles a Star-Trek-inspired instrument that monitors six vital signs. These comprise ECG, body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen, heart and lung auscultation, and blood pressure. The majority of this information is gathered from your fingertips. Consider it a digital stethoscope employing AI to identify medical issues. No word yet on a potential release date but we will report back when we hear more.

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