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Get ready for adventure: New Amazfit outdoor watch arrives May 18th

Zepp Health has teased the forthcoming launch of a new Amazfit outdoor watch. Set to be officially revealed on May 18th, our predictions for this release are either the T-Rex 3 or the next iteration of the Amazfit Falcon.

The Amazfit T-Rex series has become a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, thanks to its rugged design and outstanding durability. The original T-Rex model was a massive success, and its successors have continued to excel.

In May 2022, the T-Rex 2 was introduced, followed by the T-Rex Ultra in March of this year. The Ultra, however, is not a complete generational leap but rather an interim update.

Having said that, the T-Rex Ultra and T-Rex 2 are significantly different in price. The first costs $399, while the second costs $219.

For the additional cost you receive quite a lot. This includes offline maps, offline music storage, diving-themed apps, extra health reminders, and support for Zepp Coach. Furthermore, the Ultra runs on the latest generation Zepp OS 2.0 and boasts a slightly more premium build with some stainless steel components.

The T-Rex lineup is impressive, offering exceptional value for the price and serving as an excellent alternative to pricier Garmin models. For those who enjoy various outdoor sports and challenging environments, this timepiece is definitely worth considering.

Is the Amazfit T-Rex 3 about to land?

With the recent release of the T-Rex Ultra, we didn’t anticipate the T-Rex 3 until well into 2024. However, it appears we might see it sooner.

Zepp Health has posted, earlier today, a video on social media teasing a new watch to be launched on May 18th. The post states “Can you guess which Amazfit smartwatch is launching soon?” and “Are you ready for the latest addition to your wrist”.

The video hints at an outdoor-oriented watch, with accompanying text like “Let’s prepare for the ultimate adventure,” “Conquer the mountains,” and “Explore the underwater world.”

Given Zepp Health’s lack of other outdoor watches, this could potentially signal the release of the T-Rex 3. If launched, it would arrive just a year after its predecessor and hot on the heels of the T-Rex Ultra. However, with the Ultra’s numerous upgrades, it’s difficult to see what additional features the T-Rex 3 might offer.

Two devices in the same line in the space of 3 months? That doesn’t really make sense.

Amazfit Falcon Ultra is a more likely possibility

A more likely possibility is that this could be the successor to the Amazfit Falcon. Launched in October 2022, the Falcon is priced more than double the T-Rex 2 due to its titanium body and sapphire crystal-protected glass.

While its features are largely similar, the Falcon has better water resistance, and access to the AI-powered Zepp Coach. So not a huge difference. Thus, an interim Amazfit Falcon could receive the upgrades seen in the T-Rex 2 Ultra, such as offline maps and music storage.

Ultimately, our speculation is based on the logical progression of the Amazfit line. Apart from the video that was posted, we don’t have any insider knowledge. At the end of the day, it might not be Amazfit T-Rex 3 or Amazfit Falcon Ultra. It could be an entirely new Amazfit outdoorsy watch. In any case, we shall know soon enough — mark May 18th on your calendars folks.

Update (May 16th): It seems the teaser is nothing to get too excited about. Unless you live in Malaysia. The announcement is, apparently, to do with the Amazfit T-Rex 2 Ultra launch in Malaysia.

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  • I bought trex2 just a week ago :/

  • Avez vous eu des nouvelles de cette annonce de nouvelle montre car je réfléchis entre prendre ULTRA et T REX 2 ?Merci pour vos reponses.


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