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Could Zepp Health’s new FCC filing be the Amazfit GTR 5?

Zepp Health, the company behind the popular Amazfit wearables, has just registered two new watches with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Identified by the numbers A2292 and A2294, these devices have us guessing what they are.

The FCC’s database is often a first look into new electronic devices such as smartwatches. That’s because devices using radio frequencies need FCC registration before US distribution. However, companies have recently become skilled at concealing their products’ identities. To keep future releases hidden they use vague model numbers and minimal accompanying information. But there is some information which provides clues.

The A2292 model, as per the FCC filing, is equipped with a 440mAh battery a circular and athletic-looking body. It comes with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and is housed in a metal case. The watch measures 45 x 45 x 12 millimetres, hinting at a sporty and streamlined design, as shown by the image below.

FCC filing
Image source: FCC

Meanwhile, the A2294 model shares the circular body and metal case design but only includes Bluetooth connectivity. It’s interesting to note that the confidentiality clauses on both watches expire at the end of September 2023. And that’s pretty much where the info ends.

FCC filing
Image source: FCC

Amazfit GTR 5 on the horizon?

Given these details, one can’t help but speculate if these new devices could be the next iteration in the GTR series – the Amazfit GTR 5. After all, the Amazfit GTR 4 was launched on September 1st, 2022. Having said that, it was followed by an interim version, the Amazfit GTR Mini, in March 2023. But this is a slimmed-down version which retained the key features of the regular-sized GTR, offering an alternative to those seeking a more compact wearable.

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Reflecting on last year’s GTR model, it offers significant improvements over its predecessors. This includes enhanced heart rate monitoring and satellite connectivity, the inclusion of built-in music storage, all-day SpO2 monitoring, and a larger display than the GTR 3. As we note in our hands-on review, despite minor issues with nap tracking, the GTR 4 impresses with its features, accurate sensors, and excellent battery life. Priced at around $200, it provides excellent value, making it a worthy upgrade for GTR 3 owners and a compelling choice for newcomers.

Any other candidates for the mystery watch?

Given the dimensions of the upcoming device and its shape, our money is that these are part of the GT 5 range. The timepiece in the FCC filing does not appear to be rugged. Which rules out the possibility of it being the Amazfit T-Rex 3 or Falcon 2.

However, there’s an outside chance that the forthcoming watch could be Stratos 4, the follow-up to the Stratos 3 which made its debut back in August 2019. This gadget bears resemblance to the GTR range in terms of appearance and dimensions. For those unfamiliar, Stratos is a premium sports smartwatch manufactured by Zepp Health, that combines style with functionality. Yet, considering the extensive interval since the previous release in the sequence, it remains uncertain whether the firm intends to continue producing models in this range.

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