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Exclusive: Garmin Venu 3 prepares for launch as it gets initial regulatory nod

The Garmin Venu 3 has received initial regulatory approval for launch from SIRIM in Malaysia. Unlike the last generation, there will be two different sized iterations of the device.

Venu competes with the Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch as an all-purpose wearable. The screen on the Garmin Vivoactives is simply inferior to that found on those devices. As a result, Venu is the way forward for the company. Especially now that it has improved battery life on devices with AMOLED displays. We therefore do not expect that Garmin will extend the Vivoactive line.

Garmin Venu 3: Potential release date

There have been three generations in Venu range so far. The first was released in September of 2019. It was a fancier version of the Vivoactive. Much of the functionality was the same; the main difference was in the fancier design.

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The first version was followed by a sequel in April 2021. One of the most significant (and much needed) improvements was the battery life. Version one has enough power to last 5 to 6 days on a single charge. And that’s without the option for an always-on screen. Venu 2 more than doubles this. It also introduced next generation health sensors, more storage space for songs and multiple size options. All in all, a nice upgrade.

Finaly we get to Venu 2 Plus. That one was released in January 2022. It comes with the addition of a built-in microphone and speaker.

Initial regulatory approval

The next Garmin watches to drop will be the Epix 2 Pro and Fenix 7 Pro. Both are expected in the next week or two.

It looks like these will be followed by Venu 3. That one appeared alongside the 3s version in the Malaysia regulator SIRIM’s database on May 25th. The first goes under model number A04543, the second under model number A04542.

So far this is the only regulatory mention of the line. Meaning, there has been no approval from the FCC or another country’s regulatory authority.

This leads us to believe that Venu 3 will most likely launch at end-August or early September – in time for IFA in Berlin. Garmin is a regular at Europe’s largest tech gathering which occurs around that time in Germany each year.

Garmin Venu 3: Six things we are expecting / would like to see


A few Garmin watches have support for something called multi-band GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). They use multiple frequency bands and have the ability to receive satellite signals broadcast from a number of different navigation satellite systems. This ensures a faster connection and greater accuracy when using the device in challenging environments.

Venu 3 is certain to get this. The majority of recent Garmin watches include GNSS.

2. More performance metrics

We’d like to see some enhancements to Venu 3’s fitness tracking capabilities. Sure, you get stats like Body Battery, Vo2Max, Health Snapshot, Fitness Age, and basic workout information. In addition, the Garmin Connect app for iOS and Android includes training plans and a Garmin coach.

However, recovery advice, for example, could be improved. Training Readiness, HRV status, Morning Report, and other features have recently been added to the high-end Forerunners, Fenix, and other Garmin watches.

Yes, we are aware that the Venu 3 is part of Garmin’s Wellness Range. But that is no reason to skimp on features. And the watch overlooks a slew of sports-specific performance metrics.

The sensors inside the Venus are identical to those found in the Garmin Outdoor and Running ranges. So that line is obviously capable of delivering the same type of information. Garmin will struggle to sell many Venu 3 units at the current price unless it adds more performance tracking features.

Garmin Venu 3
Image source: Garmin

3. Additional sensors

In terms of sensors, expect more of the same. As a result, Venu 3 will most likely include a barometric altimeter, compass, accelerometer, thermometer, heart rate, and Pulse Ox. Of course, some of these will be upgraded to the next generation such as the expected Cardio wrist Garmin Elevate Gen 5. However, we do not anticipate Garmin adding any new sensors to the next generation of the watch. Apart from, perhaps, adding the ability for skin temperature tracking.

Also, expect ECG functionality. Garmin Venu 2 Plus received this recently via a firmware update so the feature should make it to Venu 3.

4. LTE

Garmin Venu 2 Plus is the company’s first smartwatch with a microphone and speaker. When connected to your smartphone, these can be used to make calls, text, and interact with the voice assistant.

Don’t you know what the next step is? A Garmin watch with cellular or LTE connectivity. You could do all of this without a smartphone.

As an all purpose watch, Venu 3 would be an ideal candidate for the first Garmin with proper cellular connectivity. So far, we’ve seen the feature on a handful of Garmin watches, but it’s quite limited, consisting mostly of safety functions like incident detection.

A kids watch was launched recently called Garmin Bounce. That one upgrades a bit the cellular functionality. So the company is making gradual steps towards a proper cellular watch. Could 2023 be the year we finally see this? Let’s hope so.

5. Multiple size options (once again)

Unlike the original, Venu generation 2 comes in two sizes. The Venu 2 Plus, on the other hand, has a 43mm diameter body. So you’re back to a single size.

Reintroducing the two sizes as an all-purpose smartwatch makes sense. And as the regulatory listing implies, this will occur.

6. Lower price tag

Venu 2 Plus is an expensive watch that usually costs $499. That’s right up there with an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Components are becoming more affordable, as evidenced by the prices of the Garmin Forerunner 955 and 255. Despite a significant increase in functionality, these are no more expensive than their predecessors.

If Garmin wants to be more competitive in the general smartwatch market, it must work to keep the Venu 3 affordable. Reduce the selling price by $50-$100 while maintaining the current price point for the cellular version (if there is one).

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  • Honestly, if they incorporated solar charging that’d be cool. They’ve implemented it in other watches, so that along with a newer CPU and more RAM.

  • I think it would be nice to have text reply options similar to wearOS devices as well. As well as giving it a much better overall design with a smaller form factor to look more like a real watch instead of a giant toy.

    • Will it track open water swimming?

  • Hope it’s the same price and or 100 more if it comes with solar charging and live mapping that you don’t need 3rd party apps for and more memory for music, also it needs to keep all voice support/assistant/text/calling that it already has. And the best watch ever will be more elite than it is!


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