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Beta testing underway: integration of FORM Swim Goggles & TrainingPeaks

FORM has announced their smart swim goggles will soon be able to sync with the TrainingPeaks platform. Beta testing is underway. Those that are interested can register for early access.

TrainingPeaks is a popular training app used by over half a million athletes. They use it to program their training, purchase a plan from the marketplace, or work directly with a coach. The integration of FORM Swim Goggles with TrainingPeaks aims to address a common challenge faced by swimmers – following their workouts or plan exactly as their coach prescribed without having the instructions right in front of them.

Currently, all of this is in its beta testing phase, with FORM members providing feedback before the feature is launched to a wider audience. The company is yet to announce the actual public release date. But you can register to get on-board the Beta testing fun on this link.

The FORM Swim Goggles have been lauded for their innovative design and functionality. They provide real-time feedback on metrics such as split times, distance, stroke rate, and more, right in the swimmer’s line of sight. As per our hands-on review, these goggles look and feel like the traditional thing, but they offer so much more.

These are the smart swim goggles that have set the bar for all other competitors. They are also a pioneer in the industry.

How it works

Have you ever written out your coach’s workout on a piece of paper and put it in a ziploc bag on deck? Not a great way to go about things. Or tried to remember what your coach meant for you to do with a specific set halfway through the workout? These challenges are what the TrainingPeaks integration aims to address.

For those who have opted to Beta test, there are two ways swim workouts show up in TrainingPeaks. This includes the Structured Workout Builder and the Workout Written in the Description Field. In the first beta phase, workouts that use the structured swim workout builder in TrainingPeaks will be pulled in. If your workouts are contained only in the description box, this will be part of a subsequent release.

Once the workouts are pulled in, they are linked to the FORM app for review. You then have the option to make any modifications, such as adding a drill, switching up a stroke type, or throwing in some equipment. Alternatively, you can leave the workout as is, sync it to your goggles, and hop in the pool!

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The integration is also working on a way to read and interpret your text-based workouts into the FORM platform, translating your coach’s notes into structured swim sets in the app. With both methods, FORM goggles will guide you through your workout length-by-length, just as your coach wrote it. You’ll also get your real-time feedback with your desired swim metrics so you can put all your focus on executing your swim as prescribed.

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