Garmin Epix 2 Pro & Fenix 7 Pro are official: here’s what’s new & different

Garmin has made official today the Fenix 7 Pro and Epix 2 Pro lines. There was an influx of leaks in the preceding weeks, so everything was pretty much known before the big reveal. Both ranges can be purchased on the company’s website.

As evident from this roundup, the modifications are rather modest. After all, this isn’t a completely new generation watch, but a transitional – Pro version. Furthermore, certain features such as Hill Score, Endurance Score, and additional sports tracking are likely to be introduced to predecessor models, as they simply involve reconfiguring existing data.

Which means if you have an Fenix 7 or Epix 2 – it is probably not worth upgrading. But if you are in the market for a new watch or have an older generation device, you might want to check out these new timepieces.

Garmin Epix 2 Pro
Garmin Epix 2 Pro

So let’s now waste any more time. Here’s a roundup of what is new. As mentioned, you can check out all these watches on There’s a 3-5 week delivery window on some models.

Garmin Fenix 7 Pro
Garmin Fenix 7 Pro

Longer battery life

Battery life on most of these watches is no different that what can be found on their predecessors. But some models have slightly enhanced battery life.

Notably, the Epix 2 Pro’s 51mm model stands out with its battery performance. This watch can sustain up to 31 days in smartwatch mode, or as long as 58 hours when operating in GPS mode. Such endurance is particularly impressive considering this is a device equipped with an AMOLED display.

Multiple case options

The Fenix 7 Pro and Epix 2 Pro series are both be available in three different size variants. While this multi-size approach isn’t new for the Fenix line, it’s a first for the Epix 2. This means, regardless of which watch you select, there are three case sizes to choose from: 42mm, 47mm, and 51mm.

Furthermore, the Epix comes in a Sapphire and Standard edition. In addition to these, The Fenix 7 Pro also offers solar charging by default. Contrary to rumours, there is no solar variant of Epix 2 Pro.

Built-in LED flashlight

The LED flashlight feature is incorporated in all editions of the Pro series. The flashlight operates similarly to what’s already offered on the Fenix 7X and Enduro 2 watches. So it sits on top of the case.

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It provides varying light intensities and includes a red safety light to enhance visibility during your nighttime training sessions. Essentially, this feature offers handy illumination precisely when you require it. There’s even a strobe mode designed to synchronize with your running cadence, improving your visibility during night runs. Importantly, this is the inaugural introduction of this technology into a Garmin watch with an AMOLED display.

Garmin Epix 2

Feedback from existing users of the “torch/light” feature suggests that it is frequently utilised so not a mere novelty. It has proven to be genuinely practical in real-world use.

Hill Score

Hill Score is a metric gauges your uphill running ability and monitors your improvement over time, grounded in your VO2 Max and workout history. It analyzes your strength during steep climbs and your endurance on longer ascents, offering a score that reflects your performance evolution over time.

Hill Score

Endurance Score

Endurance Score assesses your capacity to maintain extended exertion, amalgamating data from all your athletic endeavors to illuminate how your training influences your overall stamina. This dynamic metric utilizes your VO2 Max, short and long-term training loads, among other parameters, to evaluate your fitness advancement beyond just VO2 max.

Endurance score

Expanded activity tracking

The ability to track a broader range of activities, including team sports such as soccer, football, racquet sports, and more, is now incorporated. While the precise data output these sports will provide is yet to be determined, it’s likely to involve basics such as heart rate zones and caloric burn.

Gen 5 wrist-based heart rate

The new iteration of the wrist-based heart rate sensor is poised to deliver more precise data. There was speculation that watches with the Gen 5 Elevate sensor may have the potential to track ECG and read skin temperature. However, no mention of this has been made yet. However, it’s entirely possible these advanced features could be activated at a later stage. But that’s just speculation.

Red Shift Mode

The Red Shift mode on a Garmin watch is a feature that changes the display to red and black. This change is more than just a simple color alteration; it involves wider changes to the interface and affects how the feature itself can be enabled. This is an Epix specific AMOLED feature so don’t look for it on a Garmin Fenix.

The primary purpose of the Red Shift mode is to help preserve your night vision. The red and black display is less visually intrusive in some circumstances, which can be particularly useful during nighttime activities. This mode can be manually enabled, but it also has the capability to auto-enable based on certain activities or times. For example, it can automatically turn on during night runs or at certain other times of the day, like when you’re asleep​​. This automatic adjustment can be convenient, helping you maintain optimal vision and awareness of your surroundings in different lighting conditions without needing to manually adjust your watch’s settings.

Multi-frequency positioning

This is becoming standard for Garmin watches – all recent devices come with multi-frequency positioning and SatIQ. The combination allows you to get superior positioning accuracy with multi-band GPS while optimising battery life.

More memory, screen upgrades…

The memory/history has received a boost. It has doubled to 32GB from 16GB on the non-pro iterations. Also, the MIP display on the Fenix 7 Pro lineup has benefitted from a redesigned backlight. This means the screen is more readable both indoors and out.

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One thought on “Garmin Epix 2 Pro & Fenix 7 Pro are official: here’s what’s new & different

  • The only thing holding me back to buy is bad screen to body ratio.

    Look, first you have the metal bezel, and then you have the inner non-screen area, basically as big or wide as the metal bezel itself. The non solar versions have all this space wasted for what, a painted circle. The black non-screen area is at least twice as big as it should, and looks ludicrous on the map view, for example, when you see how small the screen actually is.

    Yes I know people get used to it after using the watch for a while, and don’t think about it. But if you put the Garmin Epix 2 Pro next to an Apple or Samsung watch, or wait until the next Garmin version of this watch comes out, then you all will see how small the screen is.


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