Navigating the new features of the Withings 5.16 app update

The latest update to the Withings app, version 5.16, has arrived, and it’s bringing a fresh perspective to health tracking. This update is currently available to iOS users, with an Android version on the horizon.

The Withings 5.16 update introduces several new features. One of these called the Health Improvement Score. This handy tool provides a comprehensive overview of your health status, represented as a score between 1 and 100. It’s like a health snapshot, offering insights into your overall wellbeing. The score is further broken down into sub-scores, providing a detailed understanding of how the overall score is composed.

Another noteworthy addition is the Health Goal feature. This allows users to set a target for their Health Improvement Score. The metric offers consistent updates to maintain healthy habits. Think of it as a motivational tool. What’s more, your data will now be grouped into four categories – activity, body, heart and sleep. Each of these has its own improvement score.

The update also brings a redesign to the Programs tab. It is now known as the Achieve tab. This change aims to provide a clearer way to track progress. It also includes a new content library filled with helpful recipes, workouts, and articles.

One of the more interesting features is the Mission Swapping Feature. This allows users to swap out current missions for new ones, providing flexibility and customization to suit individual needs.

The update also introduces several other improvements and features. The Dashboard has been renamed the Measures tab, which now allows data filtering by the above mentioned four categories. A new ‘Start Tracking’ feature has been added, enabling tracking on any of the available health categories in the Measures tab. In-app tutorials are now accessible directly in the Withings App, and a new feature allows the display of live activity for workouts on the Home Screen.

Live activity tracking for iPhone
Live activity tracking for iPhone

Navigating the hiccups

While the Withings 5.16 update is a big update to the smartphone app, it is important to note that, like any new software release, it’s not without its minor hiccups. For instance, iOS users may have noticed a flickering screen when on the “Measure” tab. But worry not, Withings is already on the case. A fix for this issue is set to be deployed early next week with the release of Withings 5.16.1.

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Additionally, if you find your app hanging or stuck when loading data after opening, Withings is aware of this issue and is actively working on a solution. In the meantime, a simple force quit and relaunch of the app should resolve the issue.

When it arrives, the Android version 5.16 will come with all of these updates. The one omission is the live activity display for your workouts on the Home Screen. Instead, Android phone owners will get a live step display on their Home Screen so they can monitor their progress right without opening the app.

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