Amazfit Pop 3S with a colossal 1.96 inch AMOLED launched in India

Zepp Health has released a new addition to its Amazfit lineup in India, the Pop 3S. This smartwatch comes with a massive 1.96 inch rectangular AMOLED display.

In contrast to the flurry of new devices in past years, the company has taken a more subdued approach in 2023. The T-Rex Ultra, launched in March, was the standout release. This device boasts features such as offline maps, music storage, diving-themed apps, additional health reminders, and Zepp Coach support. A notable upgrade from the T-Rex 2, the T-Rex Ultra operates on the advanced Zepp OS 2.0. Beyond this, the year’s highlights have primarily revolved around software enhancements and the integration of artificial intelligence.

Now we have the next Amazfit branded smartwatch – the Pop 3S. This is the successor to the Amazfit Pop 2.

Amazfit Pop 3S – what to know

The Pop 3S’s display is not just large; it’s also high-end, boasting a 410 x 502 pixel resolution and a sharp 330ppi pixel density. This is a significant step up from its predecessors, the GTS 4 and Bip 3/3 Pro, which had smaller displays and lower pixel densities. The rectangular shape of the Pop 3S’s display allows for a more extensive text display, making it easier to read incoming notifications from texts and apps.

Amazfit Pop 3S

But the Pop 3S is not just about size and display. It’s also about style and durability. The watch comes with a 304 stainless steel strap and stainless steel buttons, giving it a premium look and feel. The display is covered with 2.5D glass, and users can customize the watch face from a selection of over 100 designs.

The Pop 3S also packs a built-in mic and speaker, allowing users to make calls over Bluetooth. It even includes a contacts app with call history and a standard dialler. Additionally, the mic and speaker can be used to interact with a digital assistant, adding another layer of convenience for users.

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Health tracking features are also a significant part of the Pop 3S’s appeal. It includes 24-hour heart rate, SpO2, stress and activity monitoring. The sleep tracking feature records light and deep sleep periods, as well as when you fall asleep and wake up. Plus, it offers over 100 sports modes. So you get the full gamut of Zepp Health’s health and fitness tracking goodies.

Amazfit Pop 3S

Beyond the large display, one of the most impressive features of the Pop 3S is its battery life. It can last up to 12 days, presumably without the Always-On Display (AOD) enabled. This is a significant advantage for users who don’t want to be constantly charging their watch.

May not be available internationally

On paper, this certainly sounds like an interesting offering. However, some users on Reddit have expressed concerns about the software support and compatibility of Amazfit watches. Others have speculated about the potential high price tag of the Pop 3S due to its premium features.

Regardless, there will be a market for the Pop 3S. For now the watch has only been listed on Amazon India. So it might remain exclusive to this country.

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