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STAT Health unveils ear-based monitor for brain health

A cutting-edge device has been engineered to monitor neural circulation, and it’s small enough to fit snuggly in your ear.

STAT Health is a well known name in the medical industry. Now the company has pioneered an ear-fitted device with the potential to revolutionise health monitoring by gauging the blood supply to the brain. This an indicator crucial to maintaining optimal cognitive function. Notable symptoms such as frequent headaches, disorientation, and a state of confusion, often referred to as ‘brain fog’. These are all the result of a deficient blood flow to the brain.

The human ear is an underutilised but rich source of biometric data, according to STAT Health. This viewpoint is based on the anatomical benefits of the ear, such as its close proximity to the brain and major blood vessels. And let’s not forget its relative isolation from movements that could affect other wearables’ data readings.

STAT – In-ear wearable for Dysautonomia

The tiny earpiece is created for comfort and convenience. It is designed to assist users in tracking and managing illnesses that are frequently misdiagnosed because they are invisible. These include conditions such as long-standing COVID, POTS, and ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome).

STAT is programmed to recognize each time you stand, documenting changes in your heart rate, blood pressure trend, and the circulation of blood to your head. The data is synthesized into two significant scores. This includes the Up Score, which monitors the duration of your upright position. The other one is the Flow Score, designed to help you manage your pace according to your body’s cues.


Through combining your everyday diary entries with the precise data from STAT, you can objectively determine the most effective strategies to maintain a stable cerebral blood circulation.


STAT is designed to be worn all day and night. To keep it going, the earpiece has solar charging capabilities. This eliminates the frequent need for recharging—a typical annoyance related to wearable devices.


The bigger picture

The study of cerebral blood flow (CBF) is the foundation of STAT Health’s novel approach to monitoring brain health. The guiding principle of STAT Health’s operations is the relationship between CBF and various health conditions.

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Daniel Lee and Paul Jin, two industry veterans and former members of Bose’s Health Product Innovation Group, founded the startup back in 2020. This earpiece was developed thanks to their combined expertise. In addition, there was a significant seed investment of $5.1 million from J2 Ventures and BonAngels Venture Partners. This was topped up with a generous grant from the U.S. Air Force.

Between popular wearables and medical devices, the STAT earpiece occupies a unique position. It provides a fresh perspective on the rapidly developing field of biometric measurements.

Pre-orders for the gadget have officially started today. Pricing has not been finalised yet, but the company is targeting a $50/month subscription model.

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