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Fossil Gen 6’s latest update: Google Assistant is back in action

Owners of Fossil Gen 6 smartwatches will be delighted to learn that Google Assistant is back in the latest update. Following the transition to Wear OS 3, the feature had been noticeably absent from Fossil’s Gen 6 lineup. However, recent discussions on Reddit and a Twitter post, have revealed that the digital assistant has made a much wanted return​.

Google Assistant is a highly versatile feature. It allows users to perform a variety of tasks such as setting reminders, sending texts, making calls, and even controlling smart home devices, all through simple voice commands. This hands-free control brings about an enhanced level of convenience and functionality for smartwatch users.

Google Assistant makes a comeback

This latest update is automatic and will roll out to all Gen 6 devices powered with Wear OS 3 that are paired with phones running the latest version of Android. Along with the smartwatch, there is another software refresh for the Fossil companion app, which users should update to v5.1.6 through the Google Play Store​​. This is a staged rollout so may take a while to reach all regions.

Google Assistant

After updating the Fossil Smartwatches app, users will find a new “Default assistant” menu option in the My Preferences section. This allows customisation of the AI assistant features. So long as the Gen 6 Fossil watch has been updated, the app will allow you to select Google Assistant (if it’s not already selected) for use​.

Here’s what Fossil had to say on the subject.

It’s not just the Fossil Smartwatches app that’s receiving good news. The Skagen Smartwatches app has also begun updating to reintroduce Google Assistant availability to its variant. This update also includes some “critical bug fixes” and brings the watches up to the May 2023 security patch​. To remind, Skagen falls under the umbrella of the Fossil Group.

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The lack of Google Assistant has been a common complaint among users of many Wear OS 3 smartwatches. Excluding, of course, the Pixel Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series which have had this ability since their respective launches.

“Our priority with Wear OS is to deliver a high performing platform for our partners and users, and we are taking the time to ensure our apps and services deliver a quality experience.” Google said last year in a statement to How-To-Geek when questioned about the missing Google Assistant.

“We have nothing more to share at this time”

This development could potentially signify a positive shift for users as they anticipate the release of Wear OS 4 later this year. The next version of the operating system is due to land in the months ahead.

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