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Underwater enigma: Could the Garmin Descent Mk3 be on the horizon?

Garmin has stirred the waters earlier today with a cryptic teaser posted on Twitter. The short clip, featuring underwater imagery and a mythical Kraken, has led to a wave of speculation on what this product could be.

The teaser’s nautical theme has led many to believe that Garmin is hinting at something designed for underwater use. The most popular theory? A new diving watch.

Possibly the Garmin Descent Mk3?

Garmin’s Descent series is the company’s range specifically designed for divers. The last models, the Descent Mk2 and Mk2i, were released in 2020, and that was followed by Mk2s for smaller wrists in May 2021. Some believe it’s time for the Descent Mk3.

Historically, Garmin has maintained a two-year gap between the release of different models in the Descent series. However, the Mk3 has not yet been released, leading to speculation that production delays, possibly due to the global chip shortage, might be the cause. Typically, Garmin releases new models in the Descent series in the third or fourth quarter, but recent product launches and rumors have made the release timeline uncertain.

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Another diving-themed watch in Garmin’s range is the G1 which was launched in March 2022. Selling at nearly half the price of the MK2S it adopts similar technology but in a less expensive case and lower res display. There’s also a Solar option of this product. This is a watch that is intended for, but not exclusively, divers. A more of an all-rounder than the Descent MK range.

Here’s the teaser. The short video hints at something “coming soon”.

Perhaps something else?

However, not everyone is convinced that a watch is on the horizon. We should mention that there have been no leaks of the Mk3. And typically, we do get a retailer leak or two before a Garmin launch.

Some users have expressed a desire for a diving function that could be added as an app to existing Garmin watches, such as the Fenix or Epix models. This would allow occasional divers to access specialized features without needing to invest in a dedicated diving watch. So perhaps this may have something to do with a software update.

Adding to the mystery, Garmin posted a video about a new radar system a few hours after the initial teaser. This has led some to question whether the teaser is related to a watch at all. Despite this, the consensus remains that the underwater theme of the teaser suggests a product designed for aquatic use.

What is clear is that Garmin has successfully piqued the interest of its user base. We shall know soon enough whether the teaser is hinting at a new diving watch, a sonar system, or something else. As we navigate these uncharted waters, all eyes are on Garmin to see what they will reveal next. Whatever this upcoming new announcement may be, knowing Garmin it’s sure to make a splash.

30 June 2023 update: It turns out Garmin was referring to the Force Kraken Trolling Motor. The wait for the next-generation Garmin dive watch continues.

Garmin Trolling Motor

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