Body scanning at home: A detailed review of Zozosuit by Zozofit





Ease of use


Use of information


Value for money



  • Generates comprehensive 3D model of your body
  • Affordable compared to other body scanning options
  • Intuitive app offers 360° views and close ups
  • Slim and lightweight, easy to store and use
  • Facilitates tracking fitness progress from home


  • May require changing suit sizes during a weight loss journey
  • Possible accuracy variance
  • App compatible with only certain smartphones
  • Only available in the US

In this review, I’ll be giving you the scoop on Zozosuit, an innovative piece of wearable tech brought to you by Zozofit. This product is different from any other health and fitness gear I’ve tried out before. In a way, it flips the idea of activity trackers, smart scales and other such products on its head.

Here’s the cool part. The Zozosuit makes a detailed 3D scan of your body using pictures taken from your smartphone from various angles. This helps in removing any potential for human error during measurements. You get a dependable way to keep an eye on your fitness progress or weight loss journey, all from the comfort of your home.

The best part about the Zozosuit? The price. At $98 on the company’s website, it’s not going to leave your wallet feeling light. Especially when you consider that other 3D scanning options on the market can be a lot more expensive.

In the subsequent sections of this review, I’ll be diving deeper into all the features of the Zozosuit, and how it could change the way we look at and keep track of our fitness.

Design, hardware
How it works
The bottom line

Zozofit Zozosuit review: Design, hardware

Look & feel

The Zozosuit, with its futuristic, sci-fi-inspired design, is a two-piece garment that pairs with a smartphone app to do its thing. The current version is an upgraded model of the one sold back in 2018-2019, making it a second-generation garment of sorts.

In addition to the two piece suit, the box does not contain much else. That’s because it doesn’t need to. There’s a cardboard phone holder which you detach from the packaging. And that’s pretty much it.

Zozofit review

The garment itself is crafted from polyester and polyurethane. Taking it out of the box, you’ll notice that it is impressively lightweight and slim. So much so that you can fold it up and it might even fit into your jeans pocket.

You’re meant to put it on every now and then, prop your phone on the handy pop-out stand that’s included, and follow the simple steps on the app to take your body measurements. But don’t worry, this strange-looking suit isn’t for wearing during your workouts – its job is just to help with the body scanning process.

When I first tried on the suit, it was a bit of a challenge. But over time, donning the suit became more comfortable. Unlike everyday clothes, the garment is form-fitting and stretchy, requiring a snug fit for accurate scans. And it can feel surprisingly tight. I was extra cautious to avoid ripping the material, but I quickly discovered that the design is resilient enough to stretch without the risk of tearing.

Getting a perfect fit

Let’s make it clear, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach here. The quest for the perfect Zozosuit fit begins with identifying your suitable size. Fortunately, this is easy. When ordering the Zozosuit, customers enter their height and weight measurements to receive their recommended suit size.

The device caters to a broad spectrum of body types – ranging from those weighing as little as 49 lbs and shorter than 5 feet, all the way up to those weighing more than 380 lbs and towering over 6 feet.

But what does this means if you’re on a journey of weight loss?

When my suit arrived, I found that it fit like a glove. As you shed pounds, you’ll eventually reach a point where you’ll need to switch to a smaller suit. A person on an extreme weight loss could potentially go through multiple different suit sizes, though this is quite unlikely. However, the possibility of downsizing one size is reasonably possible. At which point you will need a new suit.

Is that a significant sacrifice for embracing a healthier lifestyle? I believe it’s a small price to pay.

Under the Hood

Zozofit initially created the suit as a solution for badly fitting clothes, but users have found a lot more uses for it. Whether it’s for tracking fitness, weight loss, or bodybuilding and muscle gain progress, folks are putting this tech to work in all sorts of ways.

This gear is not your usual wearable tech. While others might come with a few health-tracking features, the Zozosuit focuses solely on tracking your body’s measurements.

Zozosuit review

The system is built to make a spot-on 3D model of your body. It does this with its special design, covered in white circular markers made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), titanium dioxide, stabiliser, and thickener. In total, the suit takes about 400 different measurements to capture your body’s unique shape.

Maintaining the Zozosuit is fairly straightforward. Because it is made of fabric and contains no electronic components, you can care for yourself.

It is recommended to wash it infrequently in cold water separate from other laundry and line dry it. Frequent washing could cause damage to the circular markers, affecting the measurement precision. Which is why the company recommends washing your Zozosuit in a mesh bag to avoid the effects of a whitening detergent. Remember not to iron, dry clean or use bleach on your Zozosuit.

Zozofit Zozosuit review: Features


You can download the ZOZOFIT app from either the App Store or Google Play, helping you keep tabs on your progress over time. It even lets you share your body scans with doctors, coaches, or trainers, if needed.

Just a heads up, make sure your smartphone is fairly new. The Zozofit app works on iPhones (8 plus or later) and requires iOS 15 or above. You might be able to download the app on other devices, but it doesn’t guarantee compatibility. Check out the FAQ page on Zozofit’s website for a list of compatible phones.

I managed to get it working on my iPhone. But I also got it working on my iPad Pro that is about four years old, even though the tablet is not on the list of supported devices. Zozosuit doesn’t require pairing with the phone via Bluetooth as fitness trackers and smartwatches do.

It is also worth noting that, currently, you need to be in the United States to download the app since that’s where the suit is sold. But, there are ways around this. For example, on an iPhone, it is not difficult to download apps from the US store by opening a separate US account in addition to the one from your country. Do a quick Google search for info on ways this can be done.

How to use

The key feature of ZOZOFIT is its knack for creating a 360° view of your body, pointing out changes in specific areas as a result of different workouts and lifestyle choices. The iOS or Android app even calculates your body fat percentage, giving you a holistic view of your fitness journey. The method it uses for this is based on a formula from the U.S. Navy.

When my Zozosuit arrived, I couldn’t wait to start scanning. As you dive into the journey, you’ll stumbled upon some videos that will walk you through the scanning process. Picture the info as your personal GPS, steering you clear of any scanning blunders. In fact you’ll have the option to watch the short instruction videos each time you initiate a scan.

Next up, you’ll need to assess they scanning environment. It turns out, your location plays a role in a successful scan – a well lit room is a bonus, while mirrors can mess up the scanning technology.

If you have long hair, tie it back before scanning. Hair or jewellery covering the suit could cause some hiccups. So remove your watch, necklace and anything else that might impede with the scanning process.

Zozosuit review

Put the suit on and check that it is flat against your skin. There are a couple of markers that you’ll need to align with parts of your body. Also pull the top down and the bottom up so that they overlap. These simple tricks are there to boost the precision of your scan.

When it is time for the actual scan, you’ll need to stand about 6 feet away from your phone and keep you arms away from your body. The app will let you know if you are too near the phone or too far. And if all is good it will instruct you to turn while it takes pictures – starting from the 1 o’clock, 2′ oclock position, and so on. In total it captures 11 images. Which, with a little practice, can be done in under a minute.

I encountered no issues with the first two scans I conducted. However, the third one presented a challenge. The application repeatedly notified me that parts of the pants were folded, which I soon realised wasn’t the issue at all. The problem lay in the lighting. Once I relocated to a different area in the room, the scan proceeded flawlessly.

Analyzing the results

Where Zozosuit truly excels is – when it comes to the representation of results. The app offers a 3D model of your physique which can be manipulated for detailed inspection, including rotations and zoom-ins. There’s a comprehensive array of physical metrics available, such as Full Body, Body Fat Percentage, Shoulders, Upper Arms, Chest, Upper Waist, Lower Waist, Hips, Thighs, and Calves.

I appreciate that the measurement system includes a colour-coded comparison of recent results. It simplifies identifying body areas that have undergone changes. These alterations can also be viewed as percentages and absolute change for each body region. Moreover, you can choose to observe the disparity between your latest and any prior scans.

Alongside these, charts depicting the progression of all your measurements over time are available. A goal can be set which then appears as a green line on the chart.

Is Zozosuit accurate?

Regarding the accuracy of Zozosuit, I’ve found it surprisingly reliable for a device that performs 3D scanning from a distance of 6 feet. I cross-verified some of the measurements with a manual tape measure and they were nearly identical. Plus, the scanned image unmistakably closely resembled my body shape.

However, it is not flawless and you are not going to get 100% accurate measurements. There are some variations that might seem illogical, like the 2cm increase in my calf circumference over two days – an unlikely occurrence. Yet, overall, I believe it provides a solid approximation of your physique. Multiple scans should smoothen out these discrepancies.

“The accuracy of the ZOZOFIT app scans have a margin of error of ¼ of an inch, depending on the location of the measurement on your body.” Zozofit writes on its website.

As for body fat percentage calculation, it aligns with my expectations and results from other devices like smart scales. I look forward to tracking how this changes over time.

I actually envisage myself using the apparel maybe once a month, taking multiple measurements each time. By monitoring myself over extended periods, patterns and trends in my body metrics will become evident.

Zozofit Zozosuit review: The bottom line

Zozosuit is an impressively innovative piece of wearable tech that is unlike anything else I have come across. The standout feature is its ability to create a detailed, accurate 3D scan of your body using your smartphone, providing a comprehensive overview of your physique. It does this efficiently, affordably and from the comfort of your home, allowing you to track your fitness progress with ease.

The suit’s design is purposeful and practical, characterised by a lightweight, slim, and resilient garment that fits snuggly. The corresponding Zozosuit app is user-friendly, displaying a 360° view of your body and underscoring the areas that have seen changes over time. Its ability to offer a close-up view of certain parts of your body and its automatic calculation and monitoring of your overall body fat percentage add to its appeal.

While the accuracy of some of the measurements might occasionally falter, it still provides a trustworthy estimate of your body’s shape and size. I believe it can be especially useful for tracking long-term progress.

Zozosuit introduces a unique, instinctive, and user-friendly method for individuals to monitor their health and body. If you are determined to maintain a record of your fitness progress or weight loss journey, this $98 garment (check price on Zozofit website) is a sound investment that will likely pay dividends.

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