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Q3 pro-level firmware upgrade for Garmin Fenix 7 & Epix 2

Garmin has announced the next beta version for a bunch of its popular watch models. This kicks of the 3Q update cycle for the Fenix 7 series, Epix, Enduro 2, Quatix 7, and MARQ Gen 2. The devices are getting a host of new features and improvements, some of which were previously exclusive to the Pro versions.

How to install

The update can be manually initiated through the ‘Check For Updates’ feature on your watch, marking this as the first build where manual initiation is necessary. The software can be conveniently downloaded via Wifi, but it is exclusive to devices enrolled in the Public Beta program. In a few weeks, as the software advances to the next stage, enrolled devices will automatically install the update.

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Interestingly, while the new software brings over certain functions which have only been available on the recently launched Fenix 7 and Epix 2 Pro models, it does not include the Hill Score metric and the Endurance Score metric. That is, the change-log doesn’t mention them. The good news is that they are there. Just enable the widgets once you install the update. Garmin probably forgot to include the two new metrics in the change-log. To remind, both of these were also recently ported over to the Forerunner 955 range as part of its initial Q3 Beta.

You can view the full details of the changes of Beta Version 14.23 on the Garmin forum website. In addition to the Hill Score and Endurance score, below is a summary of the other main changes.

Expanded activity types

The new update brings a significant expansion of activity types to non-Pro models. Users can now track a wide variety of sports, including American Football, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Soccer/Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Ultimate Disc, Cricket, Softball, Archery, Overland, BMX, Racket sports, and more.

Device settings backup and restore

The Device Settings Backup and Restore feature has been added, providing users with an extra layer of security for their personalized settings.

Multiple locations in weather app

The update allows users to set multiple locations in the weather app on their device, enhancing the app’s functionality and convenience.

Gaming app and workouts app

In a nod to the gaming community, a Gaming App has been introduced. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the new Workouts App.

Fish forecast widget glance

Anglers will find the Fish Forecast widget glance useful, providing them with predictions for fish activity.

Golf improvements

Golfers are in for a treat with the Golf “Plays Like” improvements and the new Golf Virtual Caddie interface. The update also introduces the Shaded Relief feature to the map for Fenix 7 series, Epix Gen 2, Marq 2, Tactix 7.

Di2 cassette sprocket patterns

The update brings support for new Di2 cassette sprocket patterns, enhancing the cycling experience for users.

Recent apps hot key

The update also brings the Recent Apps hot key to Non-Pro models. This allows users to quickly access their most-used apps, improving the overall user experience.

Map improvements

The update adds support for a weather overlay map in the weather app for Fenix 7 series, Epix Gen 2, Marq 2, Tactix 7. The watches are also getting split screen and radial data field layouts to the map.

Virtual caddie suggestion

The Virtual Caddie suggestion in green view has been added for Marq 2.

Workout muscle map support

The update brings workout muscle map support for HIIT, Cardio, and Pilates.

Red shift on non-Pro AMOLED products

The update enables Red Shift on non-Pro AMOLED products. The concept behind Red Shift mode is based on research suggesting that exposure to blue light close to bedtime can interfere with the body’s natural sleep cycle, potentially leading to difficulty falling asleep or lower quality of sleep. By reducing the amount of blue light, Red Shift mode can help mitigate these potential issues.

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