Ultrahuman Ring AIR gets Workout Mode and Stimulant Recommender

Ultrahuman has unveiled a series of new features set to enhance the functionality of Ring AIR. These updates encompass the addition of a Stimulant Recommender, Workout Mode, and more.

Workout mode for iOS devices

The Workout Mode, currently accessible for iOS devices, delivers a more detailed and accurate data collection coupled with real-time workout tracking. This function gathers heart rate information every second, offering a detailed view of your performance during workouts. However, this high-level data capture could cause faster battery drain. Hence, this augmented data capture frequency is operational solely in the workout mode.

The device also incorporates a valuable GPS tracking feature. The Ring AIR can now sync with your phone’s GPS to track total distance and pace during activities such as running, cycling, and walking. The device’s algorithms align with your phone’s GPS, minimising battery usage while maximising your workout experience.

Stimulant recommender

The Stimulant Recommender feature of the Ultrahuman Ring AIR is now accessible for both iOS and Android devices. Just ensure to update your smartphone app to the latest version.

This feature is a blessing for those who depend on stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, and amphetamines to fuel their day. It guides smart stimulant intake, pinpointing ideal periods throughout your day for boosted productivity. This customized, science-backed guidance is engineered to optimize alertness, productivity, and sleep quality.

You’ll get a chart showing your personalised stimulant permissible window along with a caffeine decay graph. The latter is calculated based on your body weight. The Bedtime Caffeine threshold denotes the maximum caffeine level your body can tolerate while still allowing you to sleep restfully.

New features on the horizon

Ultrahuman continues to add more feature enhancements for the Ring AIR. The following updates will be landing later this month.

Respiratory rate tracker

Venturing beyond traditional fitness tracking, the Ultrahuman Ring AIR will soon incorporate a respiratory rate tracker. This feature will shed light on breathing efficiency and recovery trends during various activities. Such data will assist in refining breathing techniques, boosting endurance, and enhancing overall recovery, delivering a more sophisticated understanding of your body’s response to physical exertion.

Cardiovascular fitness

The Ring AIR’s comprehensive cardiovascular fitness tracking is about to become even more robust. Soon, it will include assessments of VO2 max, arterial stiffness & aging.

VO2 max, a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilize during intense exercise, will provide insights into cardiovascular endurance and fitness levels. This information will support personalized recommendations to improve cardiovascular fitness and overall health.

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The measure of arterial stiffness will offer insights into the condition of your arterial wall, providing important health indications, such as potential hypertension or arterial aging.

Check out our full hands-on review of Ring Air. The device can be picked up on Ultrahuman’s website for $349 (check price on Amazon). There is only the one-off purchase cost, no monthly subscriptions.

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