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Minimis Glass: A developing tool for runners & cyclists

Despite a few half-decent tries, smart glasses have struggled to find their footing in the world of wearable tech. While tech giants such as Apple are exploring virtual reality headsets, the mainstream adoption of smart glasses might still be years away. However, a Sydney-based start-up, Minimis Tech, is taking a different approach. It is focusing on the needs of runners and cyclists.

Minimis Glass: A new approach to wearable technology

Founded by Joseph Guo, Minimis Tech is developing a product called the Minimis Glass. These are smart sports specs that are designed to provide athletes with real-time performance data and maps.

Minimis Glass

Unlike smartwatches, which require a glance at the wrist, the sunglasses aim to present information directly in the line of sight. This type of design could offer a safer and more comfortable alternative to traditional running gear.

The list of potential specs certainly makes interesting reading.

Features tailored for athletes

Real-time performance tracking: The glasses are planned to track essential stats such as time, speed, distance, heart rate, and power, allowing athletes to monitor their performance in real-time without distraction.

Integrated maps and GPS navigation: A standalone HUD navigation system may enable users to know their route without additional devices. Think hands-free navigation in the line of sight.

Unencumbered workout experience: With support for eSIM, WiFi, Bluetooth, ANT+, and music streaming on a custom Android OS platform, the glasses aim to provide a streamlined workout experience.

Minimis Glass

Durability and comfort: Anti-fogging solutions, water resistance, ultraviolet ray protection, along with a non-slip design are intended to ensure comfort and stability during various sports activities.

Display: Equipped with a Full HD 1080p 500 Nit Diffractive Waveguide display in the upper third of the glasses screen. This type of design ensures an unobscured view of the road. It reminds us a bit of what is already available on a number of smart swim goggles such as Form.

Minimis Glass

Power: The glasses will be powered by Qualcomm Quad-core 64-bit CPU @ 2.0 GHz (Qualcomm Adreno 702 GPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB Internal Storage).

With two 650-mAh batteries on-board, the device will offer around seven hours of continuous use or 11 hours if used intermittently. The glasses can be charged with a USB-C cable and also come with a portable charging case.

Eye Protection: The polarized transition lenses are designed to adjust according to the time of day. This should allow for clear vision during workouts.

Pricing and availability

The reserve for Minimis Glass is AU$699 (US$460) on the manufacturer’s website. This includes a 36% discount off its expected retail price and a bonus charging case for early adopters.

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At the moment, it is too early to determine the full impact of Minimis Glass. But the focus on real-time tracking, navigation, and comfort may appeal to athletes looking for a different approach to wearable technology.

Of course, the product is still in development and it may or may not see the light of day. Amongst other factors, its success will depend on how well it meets the specific needs of runners and cyclists. As a unique offering in a market it is definitely filled with potential. No word yet on a potential release date but we’ll update this article when we hear more.

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  • 699$ (with discount) or almost 1000 without is way to much for a device that is a mere gedget that you use everyother day for an hour or two and only in the summer, especially when it is not integrated with Garmin or other fitness platforms.


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