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The Amazfit line just got bigger: Say hello to Cheetah Square

Zepp Health has unveiled today their newest model, the Amazfit Cheetah Square. Succeeding the Cheetah Round and Cheetah Pro, this geometrically-inspired edition serves as an all-inclusive running companion for enthusiasts of the squared aesthetic.

Amazfit Cheetah Square: Where Style Meets Functionality

Design and Display

According to product specs, the Amazfit Cheetah Square boasts an ultra-large 1.75″ AMOLED display (1000 Nit, 341PPI, 72.4% screen-to-body ration.). This should ensure clarity even during the most intense workouts.

Its super slim and lightweight design, weighing only 25g without the strap, provides comfort without compromising on style. The watch’s body is adorned with a glistening aluminum alloy bezel, giving it a premium look.

Amazfit Cheetah Square

Performance and precision

What sets the Amazfit Cheetah Square apart is its MaxTrack technology, offering excellent GPS accuracy. This ensures that runners get positioning that’s nearly as accurate as professional GPS locators (99.5% according to Zepp Health tests), regardless if they are running through a cityscape with towering buildings or a park with tall trees. At least that’s according to marketing material. Real-world test will show if the tech holds up to promise. There’s also offline maps and route navigation.

AI training and coaching

Just like most recent Amazfit-branded watches, the device is powered by Zepp OS 2.0. Which means user get access to a rich ecosystem of apps including Amazon Alexa, offline voice assistant and Morning Updates. This is in addition to support for offline music storage and playback.

The timepiece also offers AI-powered Zepp Coach, providing runners with personalised training guidance. This feature adjusts training schedules based on performance, ensuring optimal preparation for race days.

Additionally, the Zepp Coach AI Chat feature in the Zepp App acts as a personal trainer. It answers workout-related queries regardless of which of the 150 supported exercise modes you are interested in. Something like ChatGPT for fitness but on your wrist at all times.

Health and monitoring

Beyond its training features, the Amazfit Cheetah Square is also a comprehensive health monitor. It tracks heart rate, stress, SpO2, and sleep, ensuring users are always aware of their health metrics. That’s pretty much the standard gamut of health data most decent watches these days track. For more precise tracking of exercise, you can connect the device to an external heart rate monitor.

Amazfit Cheetah Square

Battery and connectivity

The battery life of the Amazfit Cheetah Square is pretty decent, lasting up to 8 days on typical usage. For those who frequently use GPS, the watch can last up to 13 hours on accuracy GPS mode.

Amazfit Cheetah Square

Amazfit Cheetah Square: Tech specs

This table provides a comprehensive overview of the technical specifications of the Amazfit Cheetah Square.

Specification Category
44 x 38.7 x 9.9 mm (without heart rate base)
25g (without strap), 37g (including strap)
Body material
Aluminum alloy bezel, Fiber-reinforced polymer middle frame
3 (including the crown)
Water-resistance Grade
Display material
Display size
Display resolution
Display PPI
Tempered glass + anti-fingerprint coating
Battery Capacity
240 mAh (rated value)
Charging Method
Magnetic charging
Theoretical Charging Duration
Approx. 2 hours
Typical Usage Scenario Battery Life
Up to 8 days
Battery Saver Mode Battery Life
Up to 14 days
Clock Mode Battery Life
Up to 22 days
Heavy Usage Scenario Battery Life
Up to 4 days
Accuracy GPS Mode
Up to 13 hours
Automatic GPS Mode
Up to 20 hours
Power Saving GPS Mode
Up to 28 hours
BioTracker™ PPG biometric sensor (supports blood-oxygen), Acceleration sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, Barometric altimeter, Ambient light sensor
Circularly-polarized GPS antenna, Dual-band positioning, 6 satellite positioning systems
WLAN 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.3
Linear motor
Strap materials
Liquid silicone
Strap width
Classic pin buckle

Comparison: Amazfit Cheetah Square vs. Amazfit Cheetah Round vs. Amazfit Cheetah Pro

The Amazfit Cheetah series, with its trio of watches, offers a diverse range of options tailored to the preferences and needs of fitness enthusiasts. At the core, the series is designed to provide advanced GPS technology and AI coaching, but each model has its unique features that set it apart.

Introduced a few months ago, the Amazfit Cheetah Round is the series’ foundational model. It offers a circular design that appeals to traditional watch enthusiasts. Its high-resolution touch screen, combined with features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and a plethora of sports modes, makes it a versatile fitness companion.

The Amazfit Cheetah Pro elevates the experience further with a premium titanium alloy bezel, adding an extra layer of durability and elegance. This is coupled with a nylon bezel. Its display is slightly larger than the Round, measuring 1.45 inches compared to the Round’s 1.39 inches. The Pro variant also boasts a voice speaker and microphone support, which the Round lacks.

On the other hand, the newly introduced Amazfit Cheetah Square caters to those who prefer a square form factor. It’s lighter than its counterparts and features a slightly larger 1.75-inch AMOLED display. The Square’s design is sleek, with an aluminum alloy bezel and a fiber-reinforced polymer middle frame. Its battery life is less than the other models in typical usage scenarios due to the larger display.

Amazfit Cheetah Square
Amazfit Cheetah Round
Amazfit Cheetah Pro
Weight (without strap)
Display Size
Bezel Material
Aluminum alloy
Fiber-reinforced polymer
Titanium alloy
Strap Material
Liquid silicone
Liquid silicone
Battery Life (Typical usage)
Up to 8 days
Up to 14 days
Up to 14 days
Offline Maps
Bluetooth Calls
Music Playback
Via connected Bluetooth headphones
Via connected Bluetooth headphones
Via built-in speaker or connected Bluetooth headphones

Release date, price

The Amazfit Cheetah series offers a captivating blend of features and value. Boasting advanced GPS capabilities, AI-driven coaching, detailed performance analytics, and a competitive price, these watches are poised to garner a dedicated following.

If your interest is piqued, these timepieces are available for purchase on the Amazfit website. The premium Amazfit Cheetah Pro starts at $299.99 USD, while the Amazfit Cheetah Round and Square are available from $229.99 USD.

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