Screenshots: Garmin Venu 3 with skin temperature & Sleep Coaching

Garmin is set to introduce a brand-new device in the coming days. We got our hands on a few screenshots of the upcoming Venu 3 smartwatch. It seems the main upgrades revolve around two key features: skin temperature tracking and sleep coaching.

Skin temperature tracking: A much-needed update

Garmin’s foray into skin temperature tracking is not surprising, but it’s a welcome addition to the company’s smartwatch line.

Wrist temperature tracking offers an array of benefits, not only for general health monitoring but also for specialized needs. From detecting fever to identifying overtraining in athletes, the applications are diverse and meaningful. This functionality can also be significant in tracking menstrual cycles and evaluating stress management techniques, providing vital insights for well-being.

We actually spotted a mention of the feature back in February. But it is only now that it is making its debut. A newly discovered section in the Garmin Connect app at the time, indicated that the company was considering the incorporation of wrist temperature tracking into its smartwatches.

Garmin Venu 3

Garmin’s rivals, including Fitbit and Apple, have already embraced this feature, and it seems that Garmin’s take on it is similar. The technology behind Garmin’s new skin temperature tracker appears to only work while you are asleep. That makes sense considering the difficulty in measuring the metric from the wrist as you engage in everyday activities.

In a broader perspective, the addition of skin temperature tracking by Garmin showcases their dedication to enhancing user-centric health monitoring. This falls in line with the current trend in wearable technology to provide actionable insights derived from personalized data.

Sleep Coaching: A new horizon in wellness

Garmin’s upcoming device will also guide users toward healthier sleep patterns. The sleep coaching tool is set to analyse sleep stages and offer insights to enhance rest quality. It’s a forward-thinking approach that goes beyond mere monitoring to deliver actionable guidance.

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Along the lines of the Whoop fitness tracker, the Garmin on your wrist will let you know exactly how many hours you need in order to recover. Naps are taken into account as shown in the screenshot below in which a 20-minute nap decreased the overall sleep need. Presumably, this will also take into account your daily exercise, training and sleep history.

Garmin Venu 3

The premise of using intelligent algorithms to analyze and coach sleep behaviors is a much-needed function. Also, nap and overall sleep tracking have been a stumbling block for Garmin. But it seems this is about to change.

Garmin Venu 3

Considering the importance of sleep in overall health and productivity, Garmin’s focus on improving sleep monitoring aligns with a more holistic approach to wellness. It will also help users optimise their recovery.

The upcoming device’s features are practical and can be directly linked to real-world needs. As we await the launch in the days ahead, the anticipation builds. Let’s hope the improvements in sleep tracking come to previous generation devices. The blend of sleep coaching with skin temperature tracking is definitely a nice and much needed upgrade.

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  • Any idea if the software improvements from the new V3 will trickle down to the V2+, and if the software will have improved fitness training metrics? Thanks.


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