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Amazfit T-Rex Ultra update: More than just a software patch

While the Zepp OS 2.1 upgrade for Amazfit T-Rex 2 and Vienna watches has been grabbing the headlines, another Amazfit watch is quietly receiving its own set of improvements. The Amazfit T-Rex Ultra has been capable of running Zepp OS 2.+ since its launch, but that doesn’t mean it’s missing out on significant new features.

Officially unveiled in March 2023, the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra is the latest addition to the T-Rex series, which has been a favorite among fitness and outdoor enthusiasts. While it doesn’t represent a generational leap over its predecessor, the T-Rex 2, it does offer incremental improvements in design and hardware.

The T-Rex Ultra offers a slightly more premium look with its stainless steel components. It weighs 22 grams more than the T-Rex 2, thanks to its stainless steel bezel and back panel. The device also supports WiFi, which is essential for its new map and music download features. In terms of battery life, both watches are quite similar, but the T-Rex Ultra introduces a new Endurance GPS battery mode, designed for long outdoor activities.

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The T-Rex Ultra comes with a higher price tag compared to the T-Rex 2. However, the additional features and optimizations make it a compelling option for those who require more advanced functionalities. The offline storage capability, in particular, could be important for those who often find themselves in areas with poor connectivity.

What’s new in the latest Amazfit T-Rex Ultra firmware update?

The firmware update for that is rolling out right now for Amazfit T-Rex Ultra is a comprehensive package. It brings a multitude of new features and optimizations to the table. What follows is a detailed breakdown.

Enhanced activity tracking

Indoor rock climbing

The update introduces an indoor rock climbing feature, allowing users to track their climbing sessions with greater accuracy.


A new bouldering feature has been added, which enables users to select and record difficulty levels and routes, providing a more tailored tracking experience.


The wakesurfing feature now supports tracking data such as distance and maximum speed, offering a more complete picture of your performance on the water.

Surfing and kite surfing

The surfing functionality has been upgraded to include statistics for the number of surf sessions and surf distance. Kite surfing capabilities have also been enhanced, including tracking data for maximum glide height and the number of glides.

Track Run features

The track run feature now enables lap segmentation and lane modification during workouts, giving runners more control over their training data.

Augmented capabilities

Cadence sensors

The update adds support for external cadence sensors during cycling activities. This allows for more precise data collection, especially useful for serious cyclists.

Pool swimming

Temperature data is now available for pool swimming, providing an additional layer of information for swimmers who want to monitor water conditions.

Regional maps

The ability to download multiple regional maps has been added. The watch automatically loads local maps when used within downloaded regions, enhancing navigation capabilities.

Map styles

Users can now switch between dark and light map modes and select scales of 25 meters, 300 meters, and 3000 meters. This feature requires re-importing previously imported tracks to be utilized fully.

System refinements

The system refinements in the latest firmware update focus on enhancing the user experience across multiple functionalities. From optimizing the calculation method for open water swimming distances to improving the statistical methods for tracking personal workout records, the update aims for greater accuracy and reliability. Additionally, the user interface for maps has been streamlined for more intuitive navigation.

While the Zepp OS 3.1 upgrade for other Amazfit watches has been stealing the limelight, the T-Rex Ultra‘s firmware update is not to be overlooked. It adds a range of new features and optimizations that enhance its utility for outdoor activities and fitness tracking. Overall, these refinements contribute to strengthened system stability, ensuring a more consistent and reliable performance across the watch’s various features.

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