Fitbit’s September 28 mystery launch: Unpacking the tease

Fitbit has piqued our interest with a cryptic six-second video on social media, teasing a new product launch on September 28th. The video shows a person wildly swinging their arms, wearing a wrist tracker that bears a striking resemblance to the Charge 5. Speculation is rife that this could be the much-anticipated Charge 6.

What we know so far

It has been more than three years since the release of Fitbit Charge 5. It was launched on August 25th 2021, to be exact.

The Charge 6 is rumoured to look very similar to its predecessor. The one important difference is that the fitness band is expected to bring back the physical button. As far as the teaser, the device that can be spotted looks almost identical to Charge 5, supporting the notion that this could be an updated edition. Hard to spot whether there’s a physical button, though. The integration of Google services, including YouTube Music for playback controls and Maps navigation, is also expected to be a key selling point of the upcoming device.

Luxe 2: The dark horse

However, let’s not discount the possibility of a Fitbit Luxe 2. A new fitness band has been registered with the FCC recently and IMDA, and it could very well be the Luxe 2. The Luxe range is known for its elegance and customization options. Major changes in health functionality are unlikely. But we might see additions such as an altimeter or a low-end version of the EDA sensor for stress monitoring.

The new Fitbit app: more than just a facelift

But that’s not all.

Fitbit is also starting to roll out its redesigned smartphone app. The software aims to streamline the user experience emphasizing simplicity, personalization, and motivation.

The new layout will feature three main tabs: “Today,” which offers a comprehensive and customizable overview of health metrics; “Coach,” a motivational tool offering curated workouts and mindfulness sessions; and “You,” a hub for personal achievements and goal-setting. This redesign is part of Fitbit’s broader strategy to integrate more closely with its parent company, Google.

Having said this, it is clear the company is gradually phasing out the Fitbit brand in favour of Google. This is evidenced by the upcoming requirement for users to log in to Fitbit apps with Google credentials. Despite these changes, Fitbit assures that the redesign won’t affect which features are free and which are for premium subscribers.

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To further pique interest, Fitbit has released a YouTube video that showcases the app’s new design.

Final thoughts

The rollout of Fitbit’s new app is impeccably timed. It comes just days before the company’s mysterious hardware announcement on September 28 and the Google Pixel Watch 2 reveal on October 4th. This strategic move suggests that Fitbit is setting the stage for a more integrated ecosystem.

Fitbit has been relatively quiet on the hardware front this year. To make matters worse, the software changes have sometimes consisted of stripping back existing functionality. The new app could signal a shift in this trend, possibly laying the groundwork for more advanced features that will be introduced with the new hardware.

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