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Fitbit’s app redesign: A preview of what’s to come

In a departure from its usual rhythm of hardware releases, Fitbit has spent much of 2023 quietly focusing on internal operations. The company has been integrating its processes with Google and consolidating its operations. This shift in focus is set to culminate in a significant overhaul of the Fitbit app in the coming months. The news was announced earlier today on Google’s blog.

A Glimpse into Fitbit’s app redesign

The official Fitbit smartphone app will undergo a major redesign, with an emphasis on simplicity, personalization, and motivation. The new layout will split everything into three tabs: Today, Coach, and You, aiming to reduce visual clutter and enhance usability.

The Today tab: Your future health overview

The Today tab will provide a comprehensive overview of your health metrics. Fully customizable, it will allow users to tailor the displayed stats to their personal goals. Despite its name, the Today tab will also offer a bird’s eye view of health trends over the past month or year, using engaging charts, graphics, and icons.

The Coach tab: Your future fitness guide

The Coach tab will serve as a motivational tool, offering curated lists of workouts and mindfulness sessions. Users will be able to filter these workouts based on their availability, owned equipment, and overall fitness and health goals. Fitbit Premium subscribers will enjoy access to additional content, including dance cardio classes.

The You tab: Your future fitness journey log

The You tab will be a hub for personal achievements, progress metrics and goal setting. It will also facilitate connections with other Fitbit users and allow for personal information updates. Fitbit assures users that all data here will be kept private and won’t be leveraged for Google ads data.

The future of Fitbit: More than just a redesign

While the redesign is a significant step, it’s part of a broader shift for Fitbit. The company seems to be slowly phasing out the Fitbit brand in favour of its parent company – Google. For example, starting next year users will have to log in to Fitbit apps with Google credentials. However, this upcoming redesign won’t change which features are free and which are for premium subscribers.

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The new look smartphone app will be rolled out to select Fitbit users as a beta product in the days ahead, with a global launch planned for this fall. The beta testing phase will be closed, and Google will invite users via email to try out the new Fitbit before it goes live.

As mentioned, 2023 has been an unusually quiet year for Fitbit. With hardly any new hardware to show, it’s a departure from the company’s typical pattern. Let’s hope the upcoming IFA in Berlin brings some surprises on the hardware front. Fitbit is rumoured to be working on a smartwatch for kids with 4G and safety features. We are also expecting some updates in the companies fitness band and smartwatch range..

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