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The Falcon soars higher: Unpacking Amazfit’s new firmware update

Zepp Health has just started rolling out a new firmware update for the Amazfit Falcon smartwatch. It packs a slew of features aimed at enhancing user experience. From a new Map app for offline navigation to additional real-time performance reminders, this update is designed to make your workouts more efficient and data-rich.

The previous significant update for the Amazfit Falcon came in early August, and it was a noteworthy one. Dubbed ZeppOS 2.0, it introduced a completely revamped user interface, offering a more streamlined and intuitive experience for users. The update also focused on enhancing the watch’s health tracking capabilities, with improvements in sleep and heart rate monitoring. These changes aimed to provide users with more accurate and actionable insights into their health metrics.

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In addition to the UI and health tracking improvements, ZeppOS 2.0 brought new workout modes. This is coupled with strides in battery optimisation, allowing for longer usage between charges. This was particularly beneficial for users who rely on the device for extended periods, whether for tracking long workouts or for continuous health monitoring.

New Changes in the latest update

Now we have some new features coming through. Zepp Health announced the start of the firmware rollout via a Facebook post. This latest update builds on the foundation laid by its predecessor but goes several steps further to refine the user experience.

Here’s a breakdown of the new features:

  • Offline map access: The new Map app allows you to access your imported offline maps directly from the app list.
  • Heart rate recovery notifications: Post-workout, your heart rate recovery result is now sent to your watch’s notification centre. This serves to offer a more immediate insight into your cardiovascular health. You can read more on the metric and its usefulness on this link.
  • Optimized distance reminders: The update brings optimised reminders for distance covered during training, helping you stay aware of your progress.
  • Enhanced Zepp Coach records: The display of Zepp Coach workout records has been polished, making it easier to track your progress.
  • Quick access to favourite sports modes: You can now add your favourite sports mode to your default workout list, reducing the need to cycle through menus.
  • Customizable cycling power meter data: The update allows for more personalised setup of your cycling power meter data.
  • Intuitive UI for performance reminders: The user interface for real-time performance reminders is benefitting from some improvements.
  • Smooth display-waking during workouts: Enhanced display-waking ensures that you can smoothly check your data mid-workout.

Zepp Health’s update pattern

It is worth noting that Zepp Health has a pattern of rolling out updates for the Falcon watch, which are usually followed by similar updates for the T-Rex 2. At least, this is what occurred when ZeppOS 2.0 rolled out a couple of months ago. Given this trend, T-Rex 2 users can likely expect to see these or similar new features on their devices in the weeks ahead.

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