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Exploring the upcoming ZeppOS 2.0 update for Amazfit Falcon

Zepp Health has teased a significant update for the Amazfit Falcon, bringing the enhanced ZeppOS 2.0 to the premium sports watch. The new software promises a host of features and optimisations, further enhancing the user experience.

Just the other week we wrote about a similar upgrade coming to the Amazfit T-Rex 2. This is not really surprising considering the two watches have largely the same internals.

Zepp Health says that given the scale of the update, you should expect the process to take between 20-30 minutes to complete. The company advises users to keep an eye on system update notices in the Zepp App over the next week.

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The Amazfit Falcon was launched by Zepp Health nearly a year ago. With its premium price tag, it positions itself as a more advanced offering compared to the T-Rex range. While the T-Rex line is appreciated for its rugged build and comprehensive features, the Falcon steps up the game with its Titanium body and Sapphire crystal protected glass. The Falcon also boasts superior water resistance. Despite the shared core functionalities with the T-Rex range, the Falcon’s additional features and premium build cater to a market segment seeking a more refined sports watch.

ZeppOS 2.0: A Comprehensive Upgrade

ZeppOS 2.0 is a comprehensive upgrade that brings a host of new features and improvements to the Amazfit Falcon. Here’s a closer look at what the update offers:

Amazfit Falcon ZeppOS 2.0

Revamped user interface

The update introduces a new-look user interface (UI) that is designed to be more intuitive, more user-friendly and more customisable. The UI comes with a fresh design and layout, making it easier for users to navigate through the watch’s features and settings.

Morning Updates and Sleep Schedules

ZeppOS 2.0 brings a new feature called Morning Updates. This provides users with a summary of their health and fitness data first thing in the morning. The update also introduces Sleep Schedules, a feature designed to help users maintain a healthy sleep routine by providing reminders and insights about their sleep patterns.

New watch-faces

The update adds 26 new downloadable watch faces, allowing users to personalize their Amazfit Falcon to suit their style. The new watch faces offer a variety of designs, from minimalist to sporty.

Upgraded offline maps

ZeppOS 2.0 enhances the offline maps feature, introducing light and dark modes for better visibility in different lighting conditions. The mapping has also been improved, providing more accurate and detailed geographical information.

New and improved sports modes

The update brings new sports modes such as Wake Surfing and Paragliding, expanding the range of activities that the Amazfit Falcon can track. Additionally, improvements have been made to existing sports modes like Surfing and Jumping Rope, providing more accurate tracking and detailed data.

Enhanced connectivity

With ZeppOS 2.0, the Amazfit Falcon can now connect to a cycling cadence meter via Bluetooth. This feature allows cyclists to get more detailed data about their rides, helping them improve their performance.

ZeppCoach improvements

The ZeppCoach feature has been enhanced with the ability to generate specialized running plans. This feature can help runners of all levels improve their performance by providing personalized training plans based on their fitness goals and current fitness level.

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