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October 25th unveil: Zepp Health’s two new Amazfit watches

Zepp Health is teasing us with the upcoming release of two new Amazfit watches, most likely the company’s last release in 2023. The official unveil is set for October 25th. With one of the watches appearing to be square and the other round, speculation is rife. But what do we really know?

The company has decided to play the long game, teasing us with cryptic social media posts about their upcoming Amazfit watches. The images are sparse in detail but rich in mystery, showing an outline of one round and one square watch. This has set the wheels of speculation turning at full speed. And while Zepp Health remains mum, the tech community isn’t shy about filling in the blanks.

The square contender: Amazfit Active?

The square-shaped watch is the less mysterious of the two, having already made a guest appearance on some retailer websites. This has led many to surmise that it could be the Amazfit Active, a theory we explored in depth in our recent article.

While Zepp Health hasn’t confirmed this, the breadcrumbs seem to be leading in that direction. If it is indeed the Amazfit Active, we can expect a focus on fitness tracking capabilities, given the name and the company’s history in this area.

The round mystery: A new T-Rex or something else?

On the other hand, the round watch is a more elusive creature. It hasn’t been spotted in the wild yet, leaving us with a blank canvas on which to paint our theories. One possibility is that it could be a round version of the Amazfit Active, although this is purely speculative.

Another possibility is that this could be the Amazfit Edge. The FCC documentation regarding that device can be found on this link.

Yet another theory that’s gaining traction is that this could be the next iteration in the T-Rex series. The timing would be interesting. The T-Rex Ultra was released in March 2023, and the T-Rex 2 made its debut in May 2022. A T-Rex 3 isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility, and if that’s the case, we might see a focus on ruggedness and outdoor features. It might be a nice surprise ahead of the all-important end-year holiday shopping period.

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But it’s crucial to remember that these are educated guesses at best. Until the company makes an official announcement, all we can do is speculate and wait.

The waiting game: Patience is a virtue

What we can reasonably expect, however, is that these watches will feature high-quality build materials and a robust set of features. Zepp Health has a reputation for delivering on these fronts, without breaking the bank, and it’s unlikely that they’ll drop the ball now. Whether the focus will be on fitness tracking, rugged outdoor use, or something entirely different, remains to be seen.

The official release date is set for October 25th, so the end of the guessing game is in sight. Zepp Health has a knack for surprising its audience, and it’s likely that these new watches will bring something fresh to the table.

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