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CLOMP: Advancing fitness with muscle oxygen level monitoring

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A new Indiegogo project has recently launched for a device called CLOMP. This a gadget designed to provide athletes with detailed insights into their physical performance. CLOMP measures muscle oxygen levels in real-time, offering a detailed picture of how muscles are utilizing oxygen during exercise.

This is not the first such gadget on the market. But it is one of a very few. A number of years back we reviewed Humon Hex. Before being removed from the market, it was perhaps the only affordable device with such data. In addition to being relatively wallet-friendly, what sets CLOMP apart is its ability to deliver lab-quality data.

Customized training at your fingertips

CLOMP leverages medical-grade sensor technology to monitor muscle oxygen levels, known as SmO2 by utilizing Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS). For those not in the know, this is a technique adapted from medical brain oxygenation studies.

CLOMP’s sensors essentially offer a non-invasive, real-time glimpse into the body’s utilization of oxygen during exercise. This enables the precise calculation of the lactate threshold, the critical point where muscle fatigue begins.

Put more simply, CLOMP figures out when your muscles start to get tired by watching how much oxygen they use when you exercise. And it does this in real-time. It is able to figure out the amount of oxygen your muscles need, how fast they use it, and how long and far you go during your workout. This helps you really get to know how well your body is doing.

By analyzing this data, CLOMP customizes workout plans tailored to individual goals and capabilities, accessible via a smartphone app. The Indiegogo campaign description mentions the ability to set 16 different workout goals. Which means anyone can find something to match their fitness aspirations, whether that’s running a marathon, improving endurance, or losing weight. The app also integrates with other fitness devices, like smartwatches, to offer a comprehensive view of your performance.

For teams and coaches, CLOMP could offer a critical edge. It allows for the assessment of each athlete’s performance, contributing to injury prevention and the fine-tuning of training strategies.

An innovative approach

In a market swamped with fitness trackers and smartwatches it is refreshing to see a company taking a different approach. Oxygen saturation monitoring is something that is yet to be adopted by fitness buffs on a wider scale. Such technology can be particularly useful for running, cycling, high-intensity training (HIIT), weight lifting and similar activities.

With a flexible (but rather modest) funding goal that has already been surpassed by a significant margin, CLOMP is poised to enter production. Of course, this is a crowdfunded gadget so usual warnings apply. A monetary contribution to the campaign is by no sense a 100% guarantee the device will reach your doorstep.

Price: £212 and up

Funding total:
£7,799 raised, funding goal £1,640

Estimated delivery: December 2023
39 days left in the campaign

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