Fitbit app redesign reboot addresses users criticisms

Fitbit has unveiled an update to its smartphone app, tackling several issues raised by its users. This includes the return of much-requested features such as the battery percentage display, goal celebrations, and step streaks, among others. But the question remains – has the company done enough to regain user trust and enhance the app experience?

Background: The Fitbit redesign backlash

Fitbit, a company under Google’s umbrella, recently shifted its focus from hardware to software enhancements. This move, evidenced by the launch of only the Charge 6 as a new device for 2023, was accentuated by a significant update to the Fitbit app about a month and a half ago.

The redesign aimed to simplify the user interface, adding elements of personalization and motivation. However, the new look sparked widespread criticism. From a cluttered dashboard to privacy concerns, users were very vocal in expressing their dissatisfaction across various social media platforms. Other issues raised include limited customisation, complicated navigation, inadequate food tracking, poor accessibility, increased battery drain and no Dark Mode. And let’s not forget the removal of motivational elements, along with an aggressive subscription push.

Fitbit’s Response: Updates in Action

Acknowledging the backlash, Fitbit has now updated its app. Make sure your software is up to date to take full advantage of this.

As detailed in its blog post the changes include the following:

  • Battery Percentage Display: This is a return of the feature which allows users to easily view their smartphone’s battery life directly on the Fitbit app’s Today tab. It provides a convenient and quick way to monitor their device’s power status.
  • Goal Celebrations: Fitbit has reintroduced the motivational aspect of goal celebrations, a much missed features. It is where users receive visual fireworks as a fun and engaging reward for achieving their daily fitness goals, enhancing the sense of accomplishment.
  • Step Streaks: The step streaks feature encourages users to maintain consistent activity by tracking and celebrating consecutive days of meeting step goals. This helps to foster a habit of regular movement and fitness.
  • Customizable Focus Metrics: Users now have the ability to personalize their app experience further by choosing which health and fitness metrics are highlighted on their dashboard. This had been removed in the app redesign.

Analysing the impact of the updates

Fitbit’s quick response to user feedback is commendable. In the fast moving world of wearable tech, it highlights a key aspect of survival – the need for agility and responsiveness to user feedback.

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The reintroduction of popular features like goal celebrations and the steps streak feature, alongside enhanced customization, is a positive step. But while this update show progress, Fitbit still has challenges ahead in simplifying the user experience. All the more important now that this is the same software used by the Google Pixel Watch range. It remains to be seen if these changes will entirely satisfy the users. In any case, its a step in the right direction.

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