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Withings Body Pro 2: Diabetes complication monitoring in a professional scale

Withings Health Solutions has quietly launched the Body 2 Pro scale, a device that can help in early detection of diabetes complications. Unlike most other scales produced by the Withings brand, this one requires a subscription.

The French outfit is well known for its excellent range of smart scales. In fact, it’s fair to say the company is in a league of its own in this space. Their product range, known for seamlessly integrating into daily life, has helped demystify health monitoring for the general public.

We recently published our hands-on review of Body Scan. Think of it as the Apple of smart scales, a device that screams quality and advanced tech. This thing is like a mini health station right in your bathroom. It looks cool too, with a sleek glass platform and a handy handlebar that’s not just for show. It actually boosts its ability to measure all sorts of health stats. Plus, the scale is super easy to keep connected with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And the battery life is awesome, lasting a whole year on a single USB-C charge.

What’s particularly impressive, though, is what this scale can do. It dives deep with metrics like segmental body composition, how your metabolism is doing, and even keeps an eye on your heart with its ECG monitor. This is the kind of scale you want if you’re serious about tracking your health. It’s got the looks, the brains, and the performance.

The Body Pro 2: Modular design, cellular connectivity & more

The company’s new offering comes as we observe World Diabetes day. A fitting opportunity to launch this device as it has some specialised capabilities.

Withings Body Pro 2
Withings Body Pro 2

At its core, the Body Pro 2 is a cellular-connected smart scale designed to aid healthcare providers in managing chronic conditions. The scale’s debut module focuses on diabetic foot health, a critical but often overlooked aspect of diabetes care. By monitoring Electrochemical Skin Conductance (ESC), it offers early detection of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathies (DPN) and assesses the risk of diabetic foot ulcers.

Its other key features include:

  • Advanced health metrics: The scale provides accurate measurements of weight, BMI, and body composition, including fat, muscle mass, water percentage, and bone mass.
  • Modular design: This is the first Withings smart scale with a modular design, allowing for the addition of health modules to monitor specific health concerns.
  • Cellular connectivity: The Body Pro 2 includes cellular connectivity, enabling it to transmit data directly to healthcare teams without the need for patient setup.
  • Health nudges: A unique feature that allows healthcare professionals to send reminders to patients for health-related actions, such as medication intake or blood pressure checks.
  • User-friendly design: The scale is designed with grip feet for stability, high-precision sensors, and gravity compensation to provide accurate readings regardless of geographic location.

The big picture

You won’t find the Withings Body Pro 2 scale in regular stores, as it’s specially crafted for healthcare professionals. This scale is part of the Withings Health Solutions lineup, a dedicated branch of Withings focusing on medical-grade technology. This means its use is restricted to patients who are under medical supervision, so it’s not readily available for the average consumer.

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But a few interesting things to observe here, which might be a sign of things to come. The scale’s ability to assist in managing chronic conditions is a standout feature. This might eventually find its way into consumer products. If this happens, it could significantly enhance the usefulness of personal health gadgets. Of course, there will be regulatory hurdles to overcome. Beyond that, the modular approach of the Body Pro 2 is particularly noteworthy. It opens the door to a future where personalized health products are more accessible and adaptable to individual needs.

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