Amazfit update boosts Falcon & T-Rex Ultra for ski & snowboard

A new firmware update that aims to revamp the winter sport experience has started rolling out for the Amazfit Falcon and T-Rex Ultra watches.

Key features of the update

The most noteworthy feature of this update is the integration of offline ski resort maps. This transforms the Falcon and T-Rex Ultra into more helpful tools for skiers and snowboarders. Users essentially get detailed trail views and essential information for navigating the slopes. The update provides access to over 15,000 ski resort maps directly from your wrist. This should help you find your way around the most complex of ski resorts .

Another important aspect of this update is enhanced GPS tracking. Amazfit says, the upgrade in GPS firmware not only improves tracking accuracy but also enhances the overall performance of these watches, particularly in challenging environments. This is beneficial in remote or complex terrains where precision is paramount.

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The update also brings an improvement in the accuracy of workout metrics. For instance, time-related data like workout duration is now displayed with precision down to 0.01 seconds. This level of detail is essential for those serious about their athletic pursuits, who rely on precise data to track their performance and set goals.

Lastly, there has been a focus on optimising user interaction. The update should make it easier and more intuitive to interact with your watch during sports activities. Whether you’re mid-run, on the ski lift, or taking a break, this will allow you to focus more on your activity and less on the technicalities of operating the timepiece.

How to install

This is a progressive rollout so it may not have reached you yet. Patience is your friend.

When it does reach you – open the Zepp app, navigate to the ‘Device’ section and select your connected watch. Here, you should see a notification for the new firmware update, version The update package is relatively lightweight, with a size of just 6.55MB. Tap on the update notification and follow the on-screen instructions to start the update.

It’s important to keep the app running in the foreground during the update and ensure your watch is adequately charged to prevent any interruption. Once the update is completed, your watch will restart, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the new features and enhancements it brings.

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