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Brand battle in wearables: Who leads in awareness, usage & loyalty?

The wearables market in the United States is a fascinating landscape of technology, innovation, and consumer preferences. Leading this space are brands that have become household names, such as Apple and Samsung. However, the dynamics of brand performance in this sector go beyond mere name recognition, revealing intriguing insights into consumer loyalty and usage patterns.

Brand awareness and market dominance

According to the Consumer Insights Brand KPI Survey data – Apple, Samsung, adidas, and Sony are frontrunners in brand awareness – or people that know of a company, even if only by name. Apple comes in at a remarkable 91% recognition rate among U.S. consumers. Samsung and adidas follow closely, with Sony and LG also scoring high. This is data that has been collected via an online questionnaire in October 2023.

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Fitbit was recognised by some 74% of consumers, no doubt thanks to its history of being a pioneer in this space. It’s fair to say, the company does not really have much to show in 2023. Charge 6 is its only new device. Here’s hoping things change for the better in 2024.

Garmin is hovering around the 50% mark, while the likes of Oppo, Honor, Realme and Withings are recognized by less than a quarter of consumers. Xiaomi and Amazfit do not fare much better. No doubt – if this survey was conducted in Europe, these percentages would be much higher.

Wearable Brand Awareness
Source: Statista

Usage shares: A closer look

When it comes to brand usage, Apple again leads the pack with an impressive 39% usage rate among those familiar with the brand. It is an answer to the question “Which of the following wearables brands have you used in the past 12 months?”

Samsung, adidas, Fitbit, and Amazfit are in a tight race for second place, each hovering around a 22% usage rate. This data indicates a competitive market, but with Apple clearly holding a significant lead. Garmin, with its sports watch range, came in at 13%, Xiaomi at 9% and Withings 8%.

Wearable brands usage shares
Source: Statista

The loyalty factor

However, loyalty is where the real story of brand performance unfolds. Apple and Samsung boast high loyalty rates of 89% and 85%, respectively. Interestingly, Michael Kors and Withings also demonstrate strong loyalty at 84%, suggesting that factors beyond just market share influence consumer retention.

Garmin was a comparatively low 73%, which is a bit surprising. These percentages were calculated in response to the question “Which of the following wearables brands are you likely to use again in the future?”.

Wearable brand loyalty
Source: Statista

Brand loyalty is often a reflection of customer satisfaction, product quality, and ongoing support. Apple’s ecosystem, for instance, provides a seamless experience that keeps users within its orbit. Samsung’s diverse product range and consistent innovation also contribute to its high loyalty score.

All in all, it is clear that Apple leads on all fronts. However, the competition remains fierce. As technology evolves, so too will consumer preferences, keeping this market dynamic and unpredictable.

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