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Wear OS 3.5 now rolling out to Fossil Gen 6 watches

The Wear OS 3.5 update for Fossil Gen 6 watches, initially encountering technical issues, is now successfully being installed by users.

Some devices are running on Wear OS 4, but others are still playing catchup. One of these are Fossil Gen 6 watches.

Four days ago, the Wear OS 3.5 update began its rollout to these devices. However, this highly anticipated software refresh encountered a rocky start. Users eagerly attempting to download and install the new software faced a frustrating hurdle: the update process was failing, even after attempting a complete reset of their devices. This issue was widespread enough to prompt a response from Fossil, who confirmed the glitch and temporarily halted the update to rectify the problem.

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Some developers must have had a rough Thanksgiving because of this. However, things seem to be back on track now. Within the last 24 hours, users have started reporting successful installations of the Wear OS 3.5 update on their Fossil Gen 6 watches.

Key Features of Wear OS 3.5

Wear OS 3.5 first made its appearance in October 2022. This update was significant for Wear OS smartwatches, introducing a range of enhancements aimed at improving the overall user experience. The rollout for Fossil Gen 6 watches marks an extension of this update to a broader range of devices.

  1. Performance improvements: One of the notable changes in Wear OS 3.5 is the improvement in app load times, which should now be up to 30% faster. Hopefully, users should notice a smoother experience.
  2. Battery life optimization: The update also focuses on battery efficiency, extending the life of the watch between charges. This is crucial for users who utilize features like continuous heart rate monitoring or sleep tracking. A number of users who have installed the update have, indeed, reported better battery life. However, there are others with opposite experiences.
  3. Interface redesign: The interface has been revamped to make navigation on the watch’s small screen more efficient. This includes more customizable Tiles (mini widgets) for the home screen carousel, gesture controls, and quick access to smart home controls in Google Home.
  4. Fitness tracking enhancements: With the integration of Fitbit’s technology, the update brings some reworked fitness tracking features. This addition is a strategic move, considering the growing interest in health and fitness among smartwatch users.
  5. Google services integration: The update includes revamped versions of essential Google apps and services, including the addition of Google Assistant.
  6. Third-party app support: Google has made efforts to enhance the ecosystem of third-party apps for Wear OS, which is expected to result in a more diverse and robust app selection for users.
Fossil WearOS 3.5

This is an early Christmas gift for Fossil Gen 6 owners. Of course, alongside these new features, Wear OS 3.5 maintains all the essential functions of the previous version. If you have a Fossil Gen 6 device, you may want to check whether the update has been made available in your region yet.

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