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Xiaomi’s next step in wearables: The Watch H Series & HyperOS

Xiaomi is reportedly preparing to launch a new series of smartwatches, the Xiaomi Watch H series. The first device in the lineup is expected to drop early next year.

This is according to a well-known leaker, Mukul Sharma from Stufflistings. The first model of the H series is likely to launch in Q1 of next year. Initially available in China, Xiaomi has plans to expand its reach to the European market shortly after.

HyperOS: The heart of Xiaomi’s smart ecosystem

There is very little info on the actual specs of devices in the the upcoming series. All we have is the name, likely release date of the first timepiece and the fact that it will run on HyperOS.

For those not in the know, this is is Xiaomi’s latest operating system designed to connect personal devices, cars, and smart home devices​​​​​​. Crafted over seven years, HyperOS aims to redefine the smart ecosystem experience, emphasizing cross-device collaboration, user-friendliness, and a unified branding that extends across Xiaomi’s extensive product range​​​​. This OS represents Xiaomi’s attempt to establish a unified smart ecosystem, akin to the seamless integration seen in iOS devices​​. So quite an ambitions project.

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Just last week we saw the debut of a watch that runs on HyperOS. It comes from Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the $70 Redmi Watch 4 comes with a large 1.97 inch display, along with some improvements in functionality over its predecessor. Particularly impressive is its battery life. The device can run 20 days under normal usage or 7 days with more intensive use, including the always-on display feature. No doubt, this is partly due to the lightweight operating system.

Xiaomi Watch S3 is another device that runs on HyperOS. Launched alongside Watch H1 its main party trick is the inclusion of interchangeable bezels. These are held in place magnetically, offering a level of customisation that’s as easy as it is innovative.

The H1 Watch: A glimpse into Xiaomi’s expertise

It is not clear, but the upcoming series appears to be distinct from the Xiaomi Watch H1 released in October. Xiaomi does have a rather strange naming convention, appearing to choose letters to denote different watches out of the air.

To remind, Watch H1 a medical-grade smartwatch that boasts extensive health monitoring capabilities​. These include tracking heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, and sleep quality. Notably, the Watch H1 also offers ECG and blood pressure monitoring, using a technology similar to Huawei’s Watch D, where the bracelet inflates slightly for potentially accurate readings.

Keep an eye out for Xiaomi’s Watch H series launch. The integration of HyperOS is intreating, but its real-world application and user acceptance remain to be seen. No doubt, as the launch date approaches we will hear more about the upcoming devices.

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